So phones I am currently using a non smart phone as I just kept getting sick of the phones either breaking from falls/rough use or being drowned. I think my longest phone in the past few years was about 4 months.
So I’m over spending a few hundred dollars every few months on new phones.
But with that said trying to text on a keypad phone is so painful and no internet no mms or links work from peoples texts.
So then it seems that a smartphone is required to swiftly perform certain admin tasks, my thing is I like to listen to the radio while I work with most smartphones this works and just through the local airwaves not through streaming.

I had the whole expensive case thing and I could not hear the phone ring or yet hear the conversation without taking it out of the case, I know blue-tooth, but then I can’t have the radio. I don’t want a additional device to function as a radio if the phone has one.
Does anyone else have similar problems with frequent phone replacement?



@Steve076 I have similar phone breaking problems. Until I started using Moto G series phones. Cheap, capable, waterproof, FM Radio, tuff. Pretty humble little phones but they last me a good while.


They have industrial phones out there some were. Are you dropping them or they just stop working?


Get a phone with an FM Turner


I phone w case and this iPhone is waterproof.

I use headset wired or Bluetooth

We also work around lots of dust and phone gets dropped a lot. I’ve had this one almost a year. Also use a shield glass over screen


Every phone I have had has had an FM tuner all expect samsung which was waterproof until if fell out of my top pocket hit the edge of the pool, cracked and fell in I grapbed it while it was still only in a few inches of water but the damage had already been done $300 for a new digitizer and screen



I think it would just be cheaper for you to get a med price smart phone, and stop carrying with you all the time leave it in the work vehicle were it is safe.
Working without music or podcasts won’t kill you…
Lol :rofl:


I’ve had several phones in the last 6 (or so) years.
HTC Vivid
Note 3
China phone
and a S
Loved my Samsung’s until the S5. Biggest hunk of crap I’ve ever owned aside from the one I bought from China.

I’m buying a Moto G5. Not waterproof, but I’ll get a case for it. I always use an otterbox defender case if they are avaible for the phone.

Anytime I used the phones for music, I use one earbud or a Bluetooth.

There are phones that are IP7 or IP8 rated, water proof/dust proof. I’ve not owned one of them, (Samsung Rugby) but I hear that model is pretty good. The one Chineese phone I had WAS waterproof, but it didn’t work in the US on ATT, like they claimed it would.


I just had a phone arrive yesterday which I bought from wish the Chinese site and it would not find any networks either, the specs says it should, was only $50 delivered 3 weeks shipping though, waste of time if it doesn’t work.


I have a pouch that connects to my tool belt that is for my phone only and a protctive case. I also use a bluetooth head headset and a smartwatch so I can see text, emails and answer calls. I also carry a tool bag with spare rags and towels so if I’m climing ladders or pressure cleaning I’ll sometimes take the pouch off my belt and throw it in there.


Hopefully it will for you.

In the US, you really need to buy a phone sold over here. Not many of those phones sold in Asia, work in the US. Go figure, since all the phones in the US are made in Asia…

People in the UK generally give those Asia sellers high marks for the phones they are buying. Must be our networks are much different.


I have the same problem , so what I do is buy pre owned old iPhones . You can find them around $100


I just don’t like I phones :wink:


THats fine , but what I’m trying to tell you is I don’t buy new phones full price , rather I buy good older model pre owned/used phones :wink:


I am a Apple hater, myself. I don’t own anything Apple, never have, never will. My hate started years ago, when I was in school and introduced to an Apple IIe.

I have bought used, and it’s a good way to get a , at one time, 500+ phone for a couple hundred dollars. So long as the battery is replaceable AND you can send it back if it’s not as described or it just doesn’t work. You don’t want to get a phone that’s too old, because sometimes some apps won’t work on older phones.

My requirements for a phone are:
Good camera. Nothing less than 12 MP. It needs to take good pictures and video.
Must be a decent size, comfortable in hand to text one handed.
Must have good battery life. Ain’t nobody got time for charging the phone half way through the day. So if the phone is a power gobbler or has a small battery, no dice.
Must have a replaceable battery. I am not paying a hundred or more to have phone geeks replace the battery. They go bad, in my experience in 12-18 months.
I’d like a faster processor too. Along with newer/newest versions of Android.

That’s pretty much my requirements. I use my phone for text, talk, pictures, some apps, and watching a few video, along with e-mailing. I don’t consider myself a heavy phone user, but in reality I do a lot with my phone. I don’t shop with it, but I do just about everything else you would with a computer.


I have had an iPhone, note 3, s7. The pixel 2 is nice but I now have, and believe is the best - the S8.


iPhone 7plus for personal
And this headset

Both phones connected to which same headset with different ring tones that sound in my ear. I can use it with YOUTUBE , SPOTIFY, and fm tuner.
I never akenphones our except to get some videos of pictures for my social media or proof. Going on 6-7 years haven’t dropped a phone from roof.