Personalized plates?


I’m not worried about posting my plate number because you can get the same info by using a phone book. So…here’s my new plate.

What’s yours?


Styling & Profiling


I’m waiting for my local DMV to call me when my plate arrives – I ordered “BEST WC” about nine weeks ago.

Larry Laczko
Best Window Cleaning


nice choice


Ah!! that’s a good idea.


9 weeks huh? Mine took 10 days! I wonder what takes so much longer.


The website stated 8-12 weeks.


It could be that our plates are now just printed and no longer stamped. I wonder if yours are still or where ever being made in state prisons?


They are stamped here in CA.

I think Nick Nolte, Paris Hilton, or Dennis Farina has the work order.


:D:D:D Plates brought to you by the folks incarcerated at out fine state facilities

Stamped with pride;)


I broke down and ordered a vanity plate last week.



It finally arrived today:


Hey Larry,

I thought i was the BEST WC?


Doug: I don’t understand your question.

EDIT: Actually, the name of my company is Best Window Cleaning Service.


How do you come up with these ideas anyway?



no, you are the best at it all.

don’t let that Larry mess with you… you could own him 10 times over.