Pencil jet issue


one side has about 1/4 the pressure as the other one. Any idea why?


Is this a brand new brush? Has this always been an issue or did it just start? I’ve seen these get clogged over time, best fix is remove the tubing from the jet and clean is out with something like a dental pic.


I got it in October, during the deal you guys had with the free DI. I’m a little iffy about removing the tube. Wouldn’t that damage it?


If you damage it, just replace it with some of that clear you have there, just need a couple inches. Don’t let that stop you.


Removing the tube is the best.

In a pinch, we had a small pebble get in the jet. We used a straightened paper clip from the jet side, or thin stiff wire from the tube side to unclog it. That way you may not have to remove the tubing

Or, Sometimes bristles (mainly hogs hair) get wet and droopy. In the path of the water stream. We cut those bristles out.


Good info guys. But I just ordered the alpha hybrid tucker brush


You are going to love it!


Best way to fully know your equipment is to strip it down and see what goes where. I found one of my nozzles became blocked and had to do this but now I know what it looks and feels like whsomethings awry.
I also found that the tubing should be replaced after a couple of years as it changes in the UV form the sun.