Pella windows with screen in between


The customer noticed clouding in between the panes but he thought it was on the surface until i showed him.
It’s not a broken seal, I showed him that it was in between the removable pane that conceals the blinds and the double paned window. We tried to pull the booger apart but the only clip that would release was the one at the top. the bottom clip wouldn’t release so we could access the blinds.

Have you guys come across a newer interior storm window like these that hold the blinds? How do you take them apart?



Yup! Do quite a few of them.

There is a button 4-6" from the top and the bottom, and usually one in the middle. You have to slide your top slider all the way to the top, and pull it down while pulling a little bit on the top of the storm, and following through to the middle, releasing that latch. Then while holding it from closing, push the bottom slide all the way down and pull up until you release the bottom latch.

Word to the wise, it is EASIEST to use invisible glass or spray a way and microfiber towels to clean the interiors of those storms. Avoids fogging, and smears. Just have plenty of micro fibers on hand to do these storms.

Total PITA!


yes, they relatch or don’t release, so sometimes it takes some fiddling to get them all to release. if there’s 4 that’s easy, if there’s 6 or more start on the outside end and make sure you are getting a release and pull as you work your way toward the inside side (with the hinge)

I personally am not a fan of spray a way type products so I have found success with a microfiber stripwasher that has so little water left it seems ready to be dunked again, but don’t, that gives good control and minimal trim work and good speed

just did several of these slider door size the other week


I’m not either. It’s the only reason I have it on hand, is for Pella Designers. Old or new, I have problems with fogging from moisture, no matter how dry I have run a mop.
I seem to have a lot of film in them too, like a greasy type film. So when a mop is dry like you are talking, I can’t squeegee it off. It leaves smears.

Not a fan of these windows at all, and I charge a premium for splitting them, especially the old Designers. Those tabs tears fingers up in a hurry.


My soul shed a tear when I read this. I use a microfiber mop and squeegee, but instead of normal water i use the spray away product and scrub it on and squeegee it off before it has time to dry. Is there a better way? Whenever I’ve used towels-microfiber or terry cloth it leaves lint on the glass.

@Bruce thank you guys for the help! I’ll pass this on to the customer.


Whatever you find works best for you, is the best way to do it. I don’t have problems with lint doing it my way.
#1 MF for wet. Scrub the window up with it.
#2 for dry. Wipe down the window COMPLETELY dry.
#3 for any buffing that might need to be done in corners or where ever.

Move MF in the line and put the wet one in the wash pile, as needed.


Oh okay. I’ve been cleaning glass for 6 years, but realize i still have a lot to learn. I wasn’t sure if there was something I missed or was unaware of. Thanks again for chiming in!


I subbed a Pella job, but they were the older standard clip-in types, to someone last year. He actually used Unger cleaning pads on in-betweens with very good results. I imagine that would also be a consideration for the hinged style.