Pella Designer series. WHY?


What was Pella thinking when they designed those series of windows? They are a PITA to care for. The older series has those stupid tabs that are a finger mauler. And lots of times, those seals GLUE themselves shut.

The new ones, just seem to never open wide enough and the hardwear makes these an even bigger challenge. Not to mention when they have grids in them, forget a squeegee.

There are many of the higher end homes here, that have them. They are a total pain, but there are just so many homes with them. Other than the designer series, I normally like a Pella the best.

Do any of you have some “system” that makes these less of a pain to deal with?


The grids will pop out on the designer series. It’s kind of tedious, but they will come out. I use gloves for reinstalling to avoid fingerprints on the clean glass.

I have found that most of the designer casements are installed “right handed”, so it’s been helpful to work on my ambidextrous skills.

I charge through the roof for these, and have found them fairly quick to clean as long as they operate correctly. If they don’t, I tell them to call Pella for a warranty visit.


Same. I won’t even attempt to use a little persuasion anymore. If they don’t pop right open I tell the customer to call Pella.


I tried popping them out before. I quit while I was ahead. Didn’t want to get too bully with them, I was afraid I was going to break them.

I charge 2x plus a bit for them, and It’s not enough. Many of my clients have them. I’ve tried 3x for them with new people, but they always balk at 1200-1800. Most existing clients will only pay to clean them when they start fogging.


If we clean between at all on these its priced as a storm window.

10-20 years from now, when these units inevitably start failing, they are going to be fun.

Pella needs to cut the Elon Musk act and stick to IGUs