Payments in Bitcoin?


Is anyone else accepting payments in Bitcoin?
I’ve only took one payment in Bitcoin and I wish people used it more!

I did a job for $400 (at the time this was 0.06802 Bitcoin) in the last half of October and that same Bitcoin is now worth $1,045 in the wallet I use.

I might start offering a Bitcoin discount, although if it goes down a bunch I will have done the work for less or even free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Shop WCR Has a standing %25 discount on all orders paid in Bitcoin.


Nice, I know some stores around me accept it as payment so maybe they’d pay in it too :thinking:


Youre kidding me?! Wish I knew this haha!
I have 4 mining rigs going right now. Kind of a side hobby of mine :slight_smile:


I don’t have any bitcoin but I do have a few old shares of I can pay with if your feeling that lucky!


How’s that working out?



You all are watching too much Mr.Robot… or not enough???


Right now it is working out good. The prices right now have been insanely high for every coin including alt coins. I make about $80 a day right now, hopefully more soon if the prices keep rising. Setting some aside in my pocket and some aside for more miners to keep it going. Who knows when this will end lol


To elaborate, I have 2 GPU rigs totaling 5x 1050ti’s, 2 1070’s, and 2 1080’s.
I have an old S5 ant miner that can still pull a few bucks a day and an S9 ant miner that is the bread and butter.

Here is one running 4 1050s and 2 1070’s

These are my latest dual purpose mining and gaming cards


Nice, when I worked in IT before moving to marketing and web design I would use the company network* to mine during the night, software that basically turned every PC on the network into a miner, alongside the servers, useless PC’s by themselves but together made quite the team, that was CPU however not GPU, so slower by far.

Made a decent amount of bitcoin but sold quite a bit of it way before it spiked sadly. I still have some invested (as much as it could be, being that it could disappear at any time), compounding interest and earning me more bitcoin until the day comes to start taking a percentage out :yum:

*Don’t tell them


On Sunday it was almost 20k, yesterday 15k and today went back up to 17k. That is crazy , I wouldn’t even throw $1 into it. To late to buy , you have to buy when no one is buying and sell when everybody is buying . Buy low , sell high


Agreed that’s why I’m not buying or selling now, just keeping it in my investment account, the way they work is you think of it like a loan, you loan them x amount of bitcoin and they guarantee a 140% (40% interest on the “loan”) return regardless of whether bitcoin goes up or down, that’s all I’d do at this stage now it’s become more media hyped


Dang, anybody take payment in lottery tickets?

I accepted bullets for a reduced bill. 1000 rounds of 9mm reloads for $50 bucks off the job. Sweet.


Dang, anybody take payment in lottery tickets?

Only winning ones :wink:


Interesting… I’ve been doing some research on this lately to see if its worth dabbling in.



Let me know if you want any info on the site I use, it’s been decent to me so far and if you’re already doing research into cryptocurrency you probably already know enough to understand how it’d work


Hey Buddy,
I’d appreciate any info you could send me.

Thanks so much!

Charlie aka windowman


I don’t think there’s a PM feature anymore, if you drop me an email at I’ll send you some documents I have and the site :slight_smile:


Don’t know what the fuss is.