Patio and flatwork pressure washing pricing


my business partner and I are researching adding patio, sidewalk, other types of flat work pressure washing for our residential customers but we don’t know what to charge. I believe most companies charge by the square foot but what would be the going rate?


This is just me helping out… did you get your epa permit for all the water run off to prevent it from going into the sewer drains, or have you purchase the $10,000 - $20,000 in tools to prevent water runoff / water vacuum…

As for price to charge, usually it is 20-80 cents per sq/ft…

Hope this helps!


we’re not going to do work that result in water going into storm or sewer drains.


I do a small amount of power washing. I end up pricing where I get 150 an hour average. 100 minimum on power washing jobs. I have done enough over the years, I have a pretty good idea how long a job will take me. I don’t have a SQ Ft price.

I don’t power wash buildings/houses. Just sidewalks and decks, and the like.


Wait so, you’re pressure washing sidewalks and other flat surfaces like driveway, back patio, front patio, and other non absorbing related surfaces. And none of this water ends up in the road?? Dude pictures please I want to live where you do so I can start PW again without being fined. ;(

So many companies out here don’t abide the laws with PW, hell I even worked for a company that didn’t.

I did it twice last year and received a warning. My customers barked on me to the state EPA office…


no driveways. is it hard to understand we’ll only offer to do surfaces where it will not run into a drain?


like this patio


I’m sorry I thought you asked a question because you were doing research for more information on this topic… I was only trying to help. Have fun and good look out there!


Keep in mind this is a few years old.


so I’m thinking will mainly only be adding backyard stuff like patios and walkways. since that article was from 2011 and it says to double or triple a one-time clean does $0.25 to $0.35 a square foot sound about right?


I think whatever price works for you is a good one. If it covers your costs, and is profitable to a level you are happy with, it works, right?

Lots of people here have that plastic deck wood. Easy clean stuff that gets moss/mold on it. Lots of those Adirondack chairs made of the same stuff here, too.


Sounds good, with a minimum as always. Also bear in mind whether you have competition on the bid or not.