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Rule 7


is that the no fun rule again?


That’s the “You’re way out of line” rule

If you don’t like what a member has to say, you can block them and never have to worry about reading their posts again.


I honestly did not know you could do this and had no genuine knowledge of this rule 7. Taken care of and thanks for the suggestion. Sorry if I offended you.


It fine, you didn’t offend me.

I just notice that it usually goes like this with a Ben post:

  • Ben asks a legit question
  • Someone else questions him and reminds him that he’s been banned before
  • Ben gets backed into a corner and defends himself
  • Everyone else gets butthurt about it
    [MENTION=10884]Ben[/MENTION] has been conducting himself in a completely different manner since he’s been back. Sometimes he says outlandish things, sometimes he has valid points, but in the log run thats every single one of us. Maybe if people stopped jumping down each other’s throats so quickly we’d all learn things here.


Everyone cries about rule number 7 so much it should be promoted to rule number 1.


lol at people crying about other people crying


Lol @ people crying about other people crying about people crying

See what I did there? :slight_smile:


I had no idea that you could block people


I don’t think I could ‘block’ someone. Everyone has something worthwhile to say, at one time or another.

Besides- If a blocked person is ‘quoted’ by someone who [B]isn’t[/B] blocked…wouldn’t you still be subjected to their madness?


Lol at…

I just can’t do it!


Was this for gutter cleaning or window cleaning?




i know it’s way late but if there’s no hatch I would either do a tow behind 60’er that wheels into place with those self leveling spider legs wit a whole bunch of 1/2" plywood.
Or hire a big guy & a 50’ rented ladder to tkb.
or if there’s a hatch I would tie to counter weights or a three hug tree on the opposite side with a saddle tied off over the gutters & not have to deal with a laid off union nut lugging a 50’ ladder sweating for a beer.


Wtf? I get what your saying but civilians do chair work that don’t go through the do or die military training that you & your brothers do
The best teaching I’ve ever had was from my father & uncles that were all marines before they were even my relatives if need be.
Thanx for your service but the civilians need to have two ropes, extensive training in rope descend systems to make it home safe. Not balls to the wall all out war to the glass…it might break…but I do enjoy sharing my do or dietimes in my 20’s…business owner time bro!


No Need to repell for gutter cleaning.


We have had some experience installing modified Sayfa ladder brackets over the gutters. They install into the roof purlin and then rivet on. Easy-peasy.

Or you could try this: