Over Gutters


There is…But get the lift…



Thanks Dave! We do not have WFP yet. And we are insured, so if we **ck up the gutters we will get em fixed. Dave why do you say it would be a hassle?


elaborate. Bam! we could just takem off put em back on


Safety is always first Squiigii-Man…Mr.Gravity has a friend to introduce you to and that’s Mr.Pavement !



I am not afraid to die. If He decides to take me then, then that was my time. I have 1000 hours OSHA


Very unprofessional / non-Journeyman way to think Squiigii-Man, I never said die…That is possible but what about veggie-ship or paraplegic / quadriplegic or landing on a another person and killing them, safety always first ! Sorry I stepped into your thread !



(MY) faith cometh by hearing. But hearing you all this time has given me a headache. This thread is worthless. Delete Admin.


[COLOR=#006400][SIZE=2][I][B]Here’s a video of you on a rappelling device and your not even hooked up on to a safety line… Totally unsafe, and you say you’ve got 1000 hours with OSHA…




Karl’s already preparing his blog post…




First, let me say ‘Thank You’ for serving us and our country. You have my utmost respect for that.

Second, let me say that I have just as much respect for Dave’s knowledge and experience. I know that he (as well as the rest of us) are concerned about your safety and well-being loooong before we care about a 2 cent piece of extruded aluminum. We simply think you’re worth more than that. (And we want for you to see that.)

As for the property you’re asking about in the pics, (and if it were me), I would take the money for renting a lift and get with John Lee about a WFP system. The ROI will be far greater in the long run, not too mention more adaptable. (IOW’s: I’ve seen far more structures that are accessible/do-able with a WFP than a lift.) The set-up/put-away time with a WFP vs securing multiple ropes to an OSHA-approved tie-off point and removing/replacing/or repairing the gutters for just this one job is beyond measure.

Thank You again and Please - BE SAFE. :slight_smile:


[I][B]It’s obvious your desire is to do high rise work, also obvious your not trained to do high rise window cleaning …

Doing chair work is not about FUN and GAMES ! I hope the best for you but you’d really need to train ! If you got the money Jeff Scott would be more then willing to help you out, here’s his linko ! Give it some thought Squiigii-Man…

[I][B]email…[/B][/I] highrisedescender@yahoo.com
Jeff Scott
[SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]ph: (608)770-0791 [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/B]


So I got the answer I wanted !



Hey thanks for posting my video. When rappelling all you need is one rope. When doing a job there will be a safety line with rope grab. Yes I have not landed a job yet but I have a meeting with the decision maker on Thursday for the St. Francis (5 stories) here in town and they have rooftop building anchors. I understand chair work is dangerous, that’s one reason why I want to do it so bad.


When hanging from a building you need two lines. You are on an anchor (hopefully!), not a mountain- that means you need to follow OSHA procedures, especially if you’re in front of an employee or if you are posting it as an example online. Building owners get fined too, even if you are not an employee.

You should be on two anchors at least, each line being independently anchored.

Other would-be high rise window cleaners need good role models. People die because of using only one line.

A word of caution for this particular five story job: There may be anchors, but are they for chair work? They could be for walking the roof or for stage work.

If there are gutters, I don’t see the anchors being for chair work.

Do they have paperwork for the anchors, telling you when they last have been inspected?

Perhaps u already know these issues…


I am on top of my game. You?


It’s guys like this that start the p1ssing contest. Don’t get me wrong, I dig it but yur gonna need to change your avatar with something less likeable. Your irritating members. Cool by me with yur I’m a badass, drop from the ozone, kinda highrise window cleaner. Nock yur socks of Ben but don’t come in here asking questions.


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NICE! Dave


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