Outtakes video.. (we need your help!)


We clean windows when we aren’t fighting… Subscribe to us so we can get our Youtube URL!
Thanks friends! (turn up music!)
-Team Squeegee


are you two married? or just coworkers?


Is this used in your busuness in some way?

Seems weird, what do you make the videos for?


we are not married…
yes having fun is part of our business model. we just started the youtube channel so we have lots more videos coming. we have lots of pictures on our facebook page as well.


Its cool you guys like having fun.

BUT, if your customers are viewing your YouTube channel, yours seems pretty unprofessional, IMO. You have 5 vids, and only two realty relate to business. I’m not knocking you guys having fun, but in all honesty, you should try to appeal to the customer a little more. Tell people about yourselves and what you can do for them. Tell them why they should pick you.

I’m not saying this to break your balls, I’m just saying if you want to make real use of a channel that was made for your business, you should be making videos for your business. People don’t spend time reading anymore, because of short attention spans, So video has become the thing that captures that attention now,

Think about it from the customers perspective. Would YOU subscribe to a channel like yours?


It is cool we like to have fun! We love what we do! -That’s probably the only thing we will agree on!

I dont think it is unprofessional… our editing skills are getting better, but of course we are not pros. True, we only have 5 vids, but we just started our YT channel! We actually have 100s of vids undergoing editing and we film more every day!

We do appeal to our customers - we know this from when we ask. And the jobs we get!

I guess we dont “make real use” of our channel according to you, but i disagree… i’ll explain if u keep reading…(im trying to address ur concerns). All of our videos are for our business. Yes i agree that video is good marketing now a days!

And finally, yes i would subscribe. i’m partial though.

Here is the thing: none of my customers clean windows for a living, so while the occasional business related informative window cleaning vid might be appeal to them, they dont go “searching” for them. Window cleaners, or new window cleaners go searching for "business related " window cleaning vids… and they are all the same for the most part…ie. “this is how to clean a window, this is how to squeegee, this is how to sell” etc and did i say, that with a few exceptions, they are all the same? … that’s great for ppl searching for those type vids. but if ur a homeowner, chances are, u are not looking for those, and if u are… then u are wanting to do it yourself and who knows what vid u land on- u could be looking at a vid from somone who lives 3 states over! Is that customer gonna make an appt with them?

so… we take a different angle… we consider YT a marketing tool. We engage our current customers and clientale. and contrary to ur beliefs, it works!

we do 5 schools and alot of daycares, (residential and route as well), our kids and teachers and parents love it when we come dressed as super heroes and they ask to take pictures with us, and ask us if they can be in our vids! Parents love it and offer us their business. When we are filming, we are silly, we joke with the kids, we have fun… the kids and parents and teachers love it and is one of the MAIN reasons we get so much more business.

it makes perfect sense for us to display that same side of our business on our youtube channel. it doesnt do us near as good to produce specific window cleaning tutorials. And yes, we are one of the most professional companies out there and our ratings reflect that!

We will continue to produce vids for window cleaners, but again, they are not our target audience. And as I am sure you know, knowing your target audience is the first step in marketing!
I look at other YT channels and they are great! But who is watching those? I venture to say other window cleaners!! Until we get to a point where we have thousands of subs, and millions of views, we are trying to start locally.

We even have a comic book coming out… that was one of our customer’s ideas!! So i guess the bottom line is, we know our target audience loves our ideas- we are a brand, not just a company.


I’ve been a subscriber for a while and I actually think showing your sense of humor and being “silly” will appeal to a lot of people, especially in the residential market. It makes you seem friendly and makes it feel like having you at their house is going to be a pleasant experience. You can be professional without being serious. Have fun!


Thanks Kyle! Alot of our phone calls when we answer start off, “Are you the guys that dress as super heroes?!”

I think for some of our customers, our “silliness” gets us in the door… then our professionlism gets us the job, then our quality gets us repeat work and referrals! Thanks for subscribing too!! We really appreciate that!


It’s unique to your business and kids love it. Throw in birthday parties and you’ll make a killing!

Is it for every one? No. Is it professional and mature? To an extent. But if you enjoy it and most of your clients do - AND your making enough money to be happy - you do you!

It also makes you stand out.

Heck…your videos might not all be related to window cleaning but there’s a lot of kids who will watch them for the superhero fun. And let me tell you, some channels make an absolute killing with kids videos. It is ridiculous.

Good luck where ever this adventure takes you!


You apparently don’t understand what I am getting at. What you are talking about is videos that appeal to other window cleaners (or those hoping to be one). I’m not talking about videos teaching people how to clean a window. Those that are doing those types of vids, are not doing it to attract window cleaning customers. A customer doesn’t CARE how you clean a window. They want to see you know what you are doing. They want to know you can be proficient with different situations. They want to know you are an expert. They want to be able to trust you.

If what you are doing works for you, then keep at it. It’s great you found what works for you and makes you the kind of money you are looking to make.

Where I am, and I think most of the country, those videos would not get you taken serious as a window cleaning business. It’s ok for a promo of some sorts, but at least here, you wouldn’t want a lot of that type of content.


Your quote: “Where I am, and I think most of the country, those videos would not get you taken serious as a window cleaning business.”

we have 5 vids up… 3 are window cleaning specific… 2 are our fun side… :thinking::thinking: …don’t be so judgemental… where I am, and most of the country don’t like judgmental people.

Just because YOU don’t agree with it, or see the vision, or know the business plan, doesn’t mean we are not taken as a serious window cleaning business. quite the contrary actually… we are doing things that i have yet to see any window cleaning company do and I grew up in the industry!

Many people laughed at Ray Kroc because his vision was different than the norm. People laughed at Disney, rejected Rowling, cut Jordan, etc… don’t be in the haters group of people, there’s enough people in that group already!

it’s a fun 1 minute vid… it is literally titled: “outtakes” … all i asked for was help by subbing us so we can get a URL… I am not sure why you continue to assert that based on a couple vids, we are not up to par with our customers, or …as you put it… “most of the country”.


I have never met a customer who watches window cleaning videos… that’s why they hire us, YT channels are mainly watched by others from the trade especially other YTers, tbh I didn’t watch the video as I didn’t see anything that would interest me as I am not a YTer and its pic didn’t seem have anything to do with the trade, but that’s just me.
If its something you enjoy have fun at it.


Have fun with the videos. You know what is bringing in business for your company. And it is working so that is great! I like the fact that you are doing something unique. Setting yourself apart from the competition is good.

I know if I had kids I would hire you!


I agree… i haven’t met a new customer that watches YT for the purpose of trying to find a window cleaner… but alot of our customers have said they enjoy watching ours or thst they enjoy us filming and look forward to seeing the final product.

i really only posted in here because as fellow window cleaners I thought I would get help with the sub. I am of the mindset that the more ppl i help, the more rewarding life is… but not everyone thinks like that. Im going to make a vid about that now lol. cheers mate!


Well… Huh… I guess they are judgmental! Imagine that! People that don’t like those that judge, judging other about judging. I guess it’s a vicious circle, even for those who think to themselves, they are on the higher ground. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Like it or not, we ALL judge others. We ALL have an opinion. We all have something to say. BUT, we don’t all try to compare ourselves to people who have had great success and built a legacy.

From now on, I’ll remember NOT to offer help when you ask for it, as the title suggested. You seem to be one of those judgmental people who don’t like it when someone offers them help in a direction different than what they already think. I sure would hate to be called judgmental again by a fellow judgmentalist. :scream::crazy_face:


the only help i asked for was to subscribe to my YT channel so we can get a URL…

judgemental is "you do it different than i do, therefore u are wrong"
not liking someone is “i dont care how u do it, i dont like u”

you basically told me i was un professional, didnt know how to appeal to customers, and that my business wouldnt be taken seriously… passing judgement like that is more telling of you.

Now had i asked, “what do u guys think of my WC vid? Will it get me more customers?!” then i prob would have agreed with your original thought. Maybe you just misunderstood my reason for posting a 1 min cute vid.I


its all good… i got a little too defensive. i’m sure u meant well and I probably read into it too much. i have an over analytical mindset. I apologize if i offended you and value your input.


Seems to me if you post something on a forum It is to generate discussion. You can’t pick and choose what direction it goes.


Hey guys hope all is well. Id say try and optimize your content for the audience that you are trying to appeal to. So if these videos and the channel is targeted toward your customers be sure to try and make them to where they can find it and plus this can help your seo as well. For example the title could be named Team Squeegee (your city name) outakes or (your city name) window cleaning outakes. When seraching for a video that is named like this it has a better chance showing up in your area. Plus try and think of phrases that your customers may use like your company name or at least keywords like the city, window cleaning ect. Then in the description list your services and a link to the website and social media. Even that reply in this thread how teachers and parents love how you do this , list that in the description as well. I would also make a small maybe 30 sec outro for videos like these maybe you two just talking to the camera. Tell your potential clients who you are what areas you service and list your services. Also maybe run a small banner at the bottom with your number and company name. Id try to incorporate this idea along with plugging your company and services while grabbing up some seo benifits all in one hit. Branding Team Squeegee can totally work and I think its a great idea. Id just keep in mind to always have a goal behind each piece of content that you create. Good job keep up the great work.


I got to say at first I too thought it was a little weird but after hearing your explanation I think it’s a great idea. I think some other window cleaners will criticise because subconsciously they see it as only appealing to a small target market and reaching a small amount outside of that market i.e. schools, children’s hospitals etc. I think as long as other videos are also highlighted that focus on your attention to the actual window cleaning would balance that out and keep you appealed to a broader market and in the long run make you more successful than other who don’t have an added branding to their service.

That said I would offer some respectful and hopefully helpful criticisms. First the video was confusing because Super Girl and Robin are both good super heros and so why would they be chasing each other? Unless of course there is a physical attraction going on there and then it makes sense. For me that was distracting through the whole scene as I never could quite reconcile that mystery as to what the chase was about. The last part where she is stepping out of the scene didn’t make sense either.

I would try to do another video and try to put a better story line to the video but that’s just me. Maybe be add another character that they can both chase together. Maybe a villain or maybe a dog or cat or something friendly. Maybe out a cat in a tree and you guys get it down with your window cleaning ladders or something.

My comments are only to be helpful and not in any way to be down puting. I agree it’s a good idea and should do well to help your brand. I hope your videos work well with your marketing. If you redo the video be sure to post it.