Outside condensation after rain fix?


Hi All,

I have a meat store that is rather cold on the inside, and somewhat humid. When it rains condensation appears heavily on the outside, but only when it rains. Any thoughts on how this could be prevented or reduced? Im guessing a dehumidifier inside with a warmer air temp? Thanks!


Just clean it … it’s not your problem to solve.


I figured there was nothing to be done and I told her basically as much. But I like to know how things work and I like to help my customers. (Not implying that you don’t) I just wanted to throw.it out there to make sure.


In the Deep South almost every store has this problem. I actually liked it I hardly needed to dip the mop to wet it. When it’s 90 percent humidity and 75 degrees or less insides condensation happens. We live with that in the south for many months out of the year. Some places with really good insulated windows it does not happen.


Thanks John, that is where I am so that must be it!