Outlet malls


There is a huge outdoor mall next door to my house called Tanger outlets. I want to go bid on these but I was wondering if Tanger gets one company to do all the stores or is every store responsible for getting there own window cleaner. If anyone has any advice or experience please share. Thanks.


Local stores will be likely independent and hire someone themselves.

Stores that are chains, like Coach, Osh Kosh, Reebok and the like, will most likely work through a maintenance company that will not want to pay you Jack to do the work.

It never hurts to ask, but the likelihood of you getting the majority of those in a mall is probably unlikely. You never know until you ask though.


Thanks. Even if I could get a few it would be worth it since im so close.


Chances are that the Tenants are responsible for there own window cleaning…Either that or it’s just the outsides that are cleaned by management , monthly or perhaps quarterly in my experience.


Somebody has to clean them…might as well be you. Just make sure you understand who you are dealing with and how they pay. If it is a NSP, understand what is necessary to get paid and figure that into your cost of doing business so you don’t work for free or too little.


If there is an Izod, H.G. Bass Shoe, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Wilson Leather, Michael Kors, Hanes, Champion, LeCreuset - hit those first. Those are corporates that I have done in the past.


We have those. First step would be to contact store manager?




I love those outlets, Every time i go there I comment on how dirty the windows are, The coast always needs massive window cleaning, but sometime companies wont pay that often. Jon you should go walk the whole place, and section by section price not only every single pane together, but then by section of stores, then by each store, see if you can work it out where some shops just do it, some combine with their neighbors and sometimes the property owner will pay for it, or force stores to do it. That is how I am getting Keizer Station taken over.

I love Oregon!


Which Tanger outlets do you live by? What city?


Southaven, MS. Outskirts of Memphis, TN


Darn google, i typed Tanger Outlet locations, and they only showed the one near me! lol. I assumed you were from oregon!


Ohh yeah I thought they were only near me so I thought you were close by haha


I thought the same exact thing haha