Other way better to attach side release on your BOAB


Another way to attach your side release buckle, onto Bucket on a belt. Just using zip/cable ties.


What is the holes measurement center to center on the pulex? How big are the holes?

I was thinking about adding a couple holes to the samurai buckle for pulex retrofit.


Just took the original off that is the size of the holes.
Make as big or small as you like.


Very easy to do if that the way you like to have it.
6 x 6inch zip ties
1 x 12 inch zip tie


You might be surprised how durable zip ties are, I had a problem with my vehichle over a year ago saw a quick fix on a you tube video that involved a zip tie and forgot about it til it broke last week, luckily I had a spare zip tie to re attach the gear selecting cable back to its place. :rofl: