Ordering a WFP soon, and have a few questions


Hello, all. I have a small window cleaning business, in Indiana, it’s almost a year old, and I am ready to order a WFP for the upcoming spring, to kick-start my business to the next level, but, I can’t find the answers to my questions, anywhere, so, I thought maybe some people on here might be able to help me out.

  1. I am interested in buying the Unger nLite HydroPower 4 Stage DI Pure Water Window Cleaning System, as it seems like a tank that I can buy resin, and replace it, rather than some tanks, which, apparently you use once, and then have to buy a new one, (Or send back to where you bought it, to get the resin refreshed (or whatever the term for that process is called)…but, it is the Ettore aquaclean pole that I want to purchase. Will every pole work with every tank, or do I need to buy an Unger brand pole, as well?

  2. The higher the TDS, the quicker the resin will wear out, correct? I am highly paranoid of buying this tank, which is a 4-stage DI tank, and, from what I understand, with the added stages of the tank, will make my resin last a longer period of time, and, all the sudden something else on the tank will go out on me, costing me a boatload of money…do these 4 stage tanks last awile before needing expensive repairs? I won’t be using it THAT often, as a matter of a fact, I imagine i’ll only use it on the upper windows of homes and businesses, and still use the old fashioned squeegee, on areas I can reach.

  3. Any “must have” attachments? I know I want to get a ledger-type attachment for it, for obvious reasons.

  4. I’m assuming since the system I listed is a “4 stage”, it includes an RO system in it? It doesn’t say so in the description, I guess it’s assumed?

That’s all I can think of for the time being. I am very, very excited to get a WFP, and I have been doing a lot of research on it, even though my peers, and the person who taught me the art of window cleaning is advising against it, I know deep down that it’ll put me where I need to be, with my business.

Thank you for your time.



Call the folks at WCR. They can help guide you to make the best decision for your needs.
@John is a good resource.


okay, i’ll do that. thank you


@Josh or @John


Now for my thoughts…
Pretty sure the Unger four stage is di only, just more resin.
Which aqua clean are you looking at? Reach and material.
Are you doing any residential, it just storefront? I like a hybrid brush for residential.


The unger system is only DI they are modulus units which you can add to 1-4 stages as I understand it.
IMO its an expensive way to go DI but very convenient as for changing resin, I bought a 12Liter DI vessel almost 4 years ago now, cost me a few hundred for it, and 25Liters of resin I pay around $150 for which fills the tank twice making each bag last around 4-6 months with daily use for about 2-5 hours per day at 125tds.
Changing resin in a 12L tank takes me about 10 mins to do, with the hydro power it takes a few seconds but you have to purchase the pre-filled bags of resin which are about $65 and only contain 6 liters of resin so which in theory would only last half as long as a 12L DI tank.

For me its less about how pretty the system looks or about how I can change the resin on the job, Its never required TBH unless you have high tds then using DI will not be cost efficient, period.


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