Opinions on Website, NEGATIVE and POSITIVE


According to that entire article they detailed the explanation.

That forced it down my throat that there is no user interface. They did mention the themes, but for example.

If I placed a picture and wanted it dead center, I couldn’t just go add picture, choose picture, drag and drop anywhere I want, and get it centered…

Are you saying it is just like WIX where I can do the mentioned above without error, and if I decide I want to move it ever so to the right, I can just click drag and move.



Either way, how about a very smart solution… tonight I will make a wordpress website or web page and see how I like it in hands on comparison… I’ll know right away if I can “handle” it…


When I add a pic to my site, I choose the picture and choose left, right or center in the creation panel.

You have to upload the pictures to your website to use them. It’s not hard or complicated.

Everything I did with my website, I learned from YouTube. GoDaddy’s staff, walked me through getting my domain up and running. THAT is the most technical side of getting a website up and running. You can’t just buy a domain and hosting. There is stuff that you need to do through your “Panel” that hooks your domain to hosting. GoDaddy will walk you through it, and then you are left with just getting your website built through WordPress.


Update!! We have officially picked squeaknsqueegee.com as our new domain! Simple easy to remember accurate and very branded! It may not say windowbor cleaning but it’s a great website.

Comcast.com isn’t comcastinternet.com
Apple.com isn’t Apple iPhone or Apple I pad or Apple wireless.com

Thanks everyonenfornthebfeed back check out the changes and let me know if here’s more I should edit immediately. I shall make a bunch of small chances here and there.


Good domain name.

Background makes it hard to focus and maybe use smaller font. Loving the blog!


Sorry for the delay in responding. Was out of town two days doing route work. I looked at your site and generally like the look. But here is the Order I would organize the menu: About Us - Services - Coupons - Pmt.Options -Contact- Reviews -FAQ and then Blog.
Also - like another person mentioned, I would use a head shot of you in a nice company polo or button down dress shirt. I like the family photo, but save those for the blog.

I read through the site and found several issues in spelling or grammar. Please know I am trying to be helpful not critical, so your site looks professional.
Here they are in order :
ABOUT PAGE - Insert a comma after the word " said " and before the quotation.
PAYMENT OPTIONS - Wont should be Won’t.
SERVICES - Upto should read Up to.
FAQ - Separate Call/Text/Email to read Call/ Text/ Email.
How long have you been in business for ? ( Get rid of the " for " you don’t need it ).
Shout out should read as Shout-out.
BONDING - last Paragraph: First word should not have an indent.
LIABILTY INS - The sentence " Be wary of those Who’s… " ( Use the word Whose not Who’s. Who’s is conjunction for " Who is ") .

Some might say these details do not matter but think of who we serve. Think of the demographic of our customer base. Hope this helpful. I used to have an English teacher friend " Prove Reid " ( LOL ) anything that customers would see. Good luck !



Wow, I mean seriously wow. Thank you for catching all those small yet not minor details. I will not deny the fact that I still make plenty of spelling and grammar errors. But thanks to my 3 college writing classes.

I went from “I will c u when i return Btw Gratz on the party cant wait till we do it again, well great convo c u l8r!”

To of course talking and spelling much better. Again I know I am not perfect.

Thank you for all the information, I will get to editing tomorrow morning.