Don’t let your screen cleaner fall on the muffler of the pressure washer


Oh no!!




That’s hilarious. I’m going to have to add that to the manual aren’t I?

“Don’t melt the brushes on the hotness.”


I guess that’s an obvious lessen learned. :wink:


At least it wasn’t your arm or leg or hose it self, I have done all these in the past second degree burn on my palm I placed my palm on the muffler and went to start, it took me about 5 seconds to react for some reason another time I walked into a pressure washer I had that was movable again took me a few seconds to realize nasty burn on my calf.

Where do you purchase those bristles from though, I need to get some from a local supplier, just not sure where to look?


I thought the trailer had started on fire


I bought that thing like 6years ago it was pretty indestructible!


I’ve been there, I’ve done all the off those things in the past (hand, leg, and hose a couple times lol) I can laugh now! :slight_smile: …But then not so much!


Zoro is where I get them