One all around towel


Do you wash these towels by themselves? Then put them in the dryer or hang to dry?

I just ordered some to try out.


I don’t know. I use them just for detailing. I use terry cloth bath towels for slop.


Scrim cut in half are awesome for “over the shoulder”"… hucks blow away too easy, making me look/feel stupid. lol


And I KNOW I sound like a broken record, but… get a f ing sponge to clean up sills/wipe rubbers/etc…


I use Huck’s and a sponge. I also buy white cotton beach towels and cut them to size and use those just for tracks. Works well


I use it for detailing. It works great. I would not use it for slop , cheaper rags can be used for slop. I fold it up into a square, no problem


I haven’t had to wash it yet. It’s very new so we will see. I imagine I will hand wash it in vinegar and hang dry. But not sure yet.


My son and I really like the Xero Fish Scale towels.


I typically use…

  1. Sponge (1/2) for bottom sills/frame.
  2. Waffle weave car drying towel ×1for edge detail, if necessary.
  3. Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth ×2 for any window smudges/fingerprints. Non-scratch. (Awesome towels)

50 or so (backup) microfiber towels in the truck though…lol!


I’ve never heaed of the sta8nless steek cloth. I’ll have ro check it out. Where do you get it from?


Synthetic Chamois, they sell em at big box Automotive parts stores, saves so many towels in the wash. I clean mine with Bar Keepers Friend Foam. Sills, Frames, Tracks, rubber seals wiped, it is an all around towel that can be washed at the job site with a garden hose. Mine last about 4 months before I buy a new towel.


I also use Costco Hand Towels for detailing. If you use only one finger it will not leave behind and undesirable look.


Lowe’s or Home Depot, apologize for the late reply.


Micro Fiber/ cleaning and sopping. Hucks for detailing edges. Wally World has a cheesecloth like dishtowel that is lint free and costs about 3 bucks for 5 towels. I have 20 of those…fantastic for fine detailing. Have many old sheets I buy at garage sales for drops and covers. Have many old cotton bath towels from thrift stores for sopping, cleaning…don’t care what happens to them. The great experiment continues. I have choices. Have about 50 lbs. of towels…don’t leave home without them. :smiley:


I understand what you’re looking for and amazingly, hucks are the best for what you want.

Scrims would be second. But if you don’t like the size, probably not for you.

Third would be a cheap 80/20 blend micro.
Quickie Jobsite at home depot are rugged.
Ettore Microswipe are a less dense alternative.
Unger hd4000 are also very good quality and color coded, better quality than the ettore.