On which side do you carry your BOAB?


Because mop and squeegee are directly in front of you. No straining one side or the other of your body, when you reach for the mop and squeegee.


I’ve also know a guy who has it like that. He has to change pants like every six month otherwise he will show his balls because of the wear out.


What pad holder is that @Alex_Lacey



On a side note since we’re on the topic…

What have you tried to keep water from soaking your pants? I tried a simple clear plastic doodad with eyelets but it’s a PITA to put on.


Legend. Thanks


Best thing I have gotten for keeping my leg dry is the Samurai, takes a bit of getting used to having the tools reversed, but overall great.


BOaB is on my left side and I’m left handed. I’ve tried switching my tool belt set up around over the years but always end up with my BOaB on my left and tool pouch on my right.


This is what I do. Right handed, used to carry on my right. After a couple years I started getting a pinch in my back from the way I drew it. Switched it to the middle, pinch went away, realized it was very ergonomical to draw with both hands.

I do slide it to the side when I’m walking.