Old 'vintage' French panes


These are older single French panes. Is there anything we should know about older glass before we do this job?
(I tried searching here but kept coming up blank on what to search besides ‘old glass’ :roll_eyes:)


They are probably single glazed. Also anealed glass rather than float glass They have been painted.

So the glass will be thinner - 4mm normally. Take care not to put too much pressure on the glass as they crack more easily. Anealed glass cracks rather than shatters into small pieces.

If you use a squeegee take care not to chip the paint. Detail the edges carefully with scrim or microfiber.

Best to use water fed pole and soft brush. Take care to rinse fully as the frames will trap water.

The glass will be hydrophylic rather than hydrophobic so will be easier to rinse.


Thanks for the info!