Old school window cleaning


Here’s a video I ran across…


Amazing video @wcs, I really enjoyed watching it. Thank you!!


“…well, that’s what they got the street cleaning department for.”

That was awesome, THANKS!


No problem guys, I thought it was a pretty cool video to.


Galvanized bucket, horsehair brush, nice close out…what’s not to love. Also love the slippery leather soled shoes and boat anchor heavy wood ladder with wood to pavement. Yep…that’s a keeper. How in the world did you find that? PRICELESS. :wink:


Is it weird that the most nerve wracking part to watch was the belt work? And not because of the height, but the thought of slipping off the ledge and going face first through the lower sash when the belt catches you. I doubt those were tempered glass back then…

@JfromtheD, can you relate? It’s a weird fear, I know :yum:


Pretty much how @Trad-Man still rolls isn’t it?


That’s funny that was my thought also! :wink:


Your footage is under your control though.
It was the things out of your control that I got the willies thinking about, like, what if that anchor bolt came out or broke or the belt slipped off of it? Dangling all the weight on the other bolt was not a good thought if the first bolt couldn’t hold half the weight.
Anyway, thoughts of a slip are scary for any scenario.

As far as the street work though; I like the way Stanley hung his squeegee on his belt at 1:02 to 1:14, and the apartments at 1:56 to 2:12 . (Same way you’ll see me doing it, with a bucket on the belt just for the mop)


If you guys come across any other old school window cleaning video’s post them up here. I would love to check them out!


I was just “a kid” when I did “belt work”

And my ‘freakout’ was…“whats holding those rings?!?”


But yes… I could see myself doing a juggler slice from a random ass slip. lol


I found one of a stripper named Jackie Parker, but she goes nude in a strip tease while cleaning a residential window with a ladder, so it is inappropriate for these forums. It looked like it may have been around the same time period though.


That was fun to watch @wcs
I found another one…


Loved it, thanks for sharing!


Don’t forget the sea sponge!


Great video!


Cool videos