Old School Double Hung Wooden with Wooden Storms


Hey guys,

I have a question about some windows I ran across today. They are older wooden framed, double hung windows but there is a sort of wooden storm window on the outside. The customer does not live in the house or in this state (its a rental), and its currently unoccupied so I wasn’t able to go in and fiddle around with it to see how they work.

Are these older double hung windows removable to get to the inside of the storm window and the back side of the double hung windows?

It appears there’s some sort of spring mechanism on the inside of the bottom storm part, so maybe the storm portion pops out, then you have to lower the top window, wash it from the outside, wash the inside of the upper storm from the inside, raise the top half of the double hung back up, wash the outside of the lower half of the double, and then replace the bottom storm. If so that’s a lot of fiddling around and I want to make sure I charge accordingly. If the double hungs just pop out, well then I’ll place them on a towel, whip through front and back and put them back in.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing! Here’s a somewhat crappy pic that sort of shows the setup.

Thanks all.


I can’t see the top in the picture, is there a hinge type mechanism on top? If there is then you should unhook the outside storm by raising the inner window for access. Once it is unhooked you should be able to free the storm (usually takes a rubber mallet for me). Then you go outside, swing the storm up some and lift it out of the hinge.


There’s a visible spring towards the middle of the storm, on the inside. I’m assuming this is where something latches/unlatches, and pops out, granting some access. Looks like a PITA, I bid accordingly.