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Heres my new video. After getting ripped on pretty hard for not fanning windows in my last video, I tried to fan every window.


Good job fanning the glass. You’ll get speed in time.

You may want to think about a screen washer if you deal with many screens. You have 4 guys, someone could wash those screens pretty quick and save you time. The Aztec/xero pure screen washer is pretty nice.


One thing you never should fret about is getting your video ripped. So many of the people that love to rip fellow window cleaners for technique never show their own perfect skills.


Nice technique. One word of caution, coming from someone who did straight pulls for the first 8 years or so, and then converted to fanning:

Be careful not to use too much pressure or cause yourself wrist strain in other ways. I started getting carpal tunnel symptoms about a year after converting to fanning. I realized that much of it was due to excessive pressure and poor ergonomics that didn’t affect me the same when just doing straight pulls. I sort of had to relearn how to use a squeegee.

Also, consider giving your left hand a little more to do. I use my opposite hand for 90% of the scrubbing & scraping tasks, and that has helped alleviate a lot of wrist and shoulder strain.


So true!


Thanks, I looked at the screen cleaners but A little expensive for me right now. Most of the places I go to are cottages and when I get there the water is turned off.


Thanks, I realize that, but it still hurts a bit. I try not to let it bother me because I know my customers say very good things about me and love how clean there windows are.


Thanks. I will try that. Im so used to doing straight pulls but in the last few years have starting to try fanning.


That steel wool scrub you show. is that for new construction windows? I have never used that stuff. Just strip washer and razors for me so far.


NFL quarterbacks say they don’t remember all their TD passes but they remember every interception.


job well done and very through! keep it up!


Thank you.


I use it on all windows now. I still have my scraper, but I;m only using it for really hard to get off stuff