Ok...What would YOU invest in?


You’re not the government, so you’ll have to use your money wisely. If it’s coming into winter, then it might be best to save up for early spring and get what you need to explode when the weather turns.

NY won’t let you (legally) have the good stuff, and you’re pretty far from Chicago or Detroit.


My biggest roi by far was a pressure washer. Way more return than wfp out front and faster. Money maker right now


With all of the talk of insurance and risks, do you have personal health insurance? If not, that might be a good investment. Or at least put the money away to cover you and yours should you have an injury.

Sometimes we need to simply invest in ourselves.

  1. Ethereum


The blockchain tidewave is coming.


Tip of the day


I do AdWords now,…and I credit that for the explosion in business…allowing me to go to this business full time! Ithink I am gonna do some EDDM in the spring. I’m looking at send Jim as well…and possibly a more professional website to drive more traffic.


There are always loop holes in the laws :wink: hahaha!..but yeah…I must be smart and always keep the slow season in mind!


The fanciest tools don’t touch marketing. Turn that $3k into $10k with marketing, sales, and hustle then buy $3000 worth of new gear.




Hang onto it. Winters coming.


I think it was Carnegie who said, “in business, I’d spend my last dollar on marketing”.


Thanks! @whitehorse67 I messaged you!


If you have $3k to invest right now, I would assume that means you have enough to cover your expenses and salary until things pick up in the spring? I’m not sure what the purpose of building up your credit standing would be, as the overhead costs of operating a window cleaning business are extremely low. A pure water system would pay for it self in about 2-3 weeks so it’s a pretty wise purchase. Plus the billable hours on a WFP is 2-3 times that of traditional methods and opens up some opportunities. A Pressure washer probably has a similar ROI. $3K in marketing would take a hell of a lot longer to see returns because there are no guarantees it’s going to work.