Oh My Thread Of The Month Winner


Free screen cleaning?




Please send over your adress so you can start carrying your scraper in style.



No Way! That is so cool. I opened up this thread and my mind had not really comprehended what I was going to read about. I just opened and began reading.
So when I seen my name I thought -oh… what’s this, my name is on here??? Thanks guy’s. I really appreciate that.

uh huh, uh huh- uh huh- uh huh- uh huh. :smiley:


Can’t believe Brennon didn’t win it? He’s loosing his touch…

Well done Chris.


Next Month winner receives 1 fancy bucket and lid… Pick a color any color as long as its red, blue, green or yellow…


Chris lives just miles from me and I introduced him to the world of WCR, so the streak continues:D:D:D


so what does go4dabukz stand for? Does it mean go make lots of money, or is it a football reference? Or don’t be afraid to make lots of money?

Just curious after watching wcr world.


How about one of the prizes in the future be one of those smooth WCR T-shirts?

PS. Size medium


Yeah we can do that…


I think all the “top posters” should get a shirt…yeah thats what im talkin about:D Large will work!!


Being from Ohio and an OSU grad go4dabukz is an Ohio State Buckeye reference. Good job my brother from Canada.


For all those that watched this weeks WCR Nation… all I can say is “Ha told you so!”


Shows how much I know about college ball


It was actually Chris that guessed the sports reference. I would have never guessed, being from Canada, I’m not too familiar with American college sports. I always assumed your alias meant to not be shy to make money, or make lots of money

So Chris will win the 1,000,000 bucks bet from Alex (as betted on WCR Nation #4)

How’s the business going, you got many clients yet?


I’m sorry I missed the show. Business is going very well. We’ve been booked up two weeks out since the second week. Given it’s only been 5 weeks now, but I’m booking for the third week in May. I’ve got the WFP going now and looking forward to getting it all figured out and fitting in some more jobs. I’ve been trying to raise my prices (ex $1.25 per french pane instead of $1, $5 per screen insted of $2 and $10 per double instead of $8). It all seems to be working out. I just bough a trailer to haul the equipment(poles, machine, ladder and hose). I’ve got a home next week that’s +$1000! I never thought I’d EVER land one, but this was the first bid and my wife and I got it. Screens alone are +$250.

Gotta run!


I’ve got a home next week that’s +$1000! I never thought I’d EVER land one, but this was the first bid and my wife and I got it. Screens alone are +$250.

Congrats Brennon…its happening…


I received my scraper mate today. How convenient. I can see this being very practical on ladders when your trying to figure out where to put your scraper cap then put it back on. Good idea.

Thank you for your generosity.