Official Window Cleaning Meme Thread


More better!




Not that I don’t enjoy the intellectual stimuli @JaredAI :wink::+1:


Idk 17 people found the alien thread important enough to cast a vote and several of us had a great and fruitful conversation for the last two days.

Now I guess we graduated to let’s make fun


My favorite part! Yay!


Trying to stay on topic be like


My favorite part is where the thread gets so off topic you can’t even see the rails from where your at.


Nah man. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make fun.

I guess what I’m trying to say is “To what end?” So if life exists, to what practical end are we discussing it?


Please don’t take it that way. I enjoyed your poll/post very much. If anything, I’m teasing myself.

My personal pattern seems to begin with opening a can of worms in my initial contribution, then spending an inordinate amount of time during the workday to author cogent replies and clear up misunderstandings. I found it humorous that the pattern was so predictable, and I supposed I couldn’t be the only one who felt that way. Hence, the meme.



It’s kinda like saying. Yeah I know the stars are there so why look at them?

The debate is ongoing at this very time whether we choose to engage in it or not


Not sure I follow. What debate as we speak?

And you arrent answering my questions straightly. What is the practical value of discussing it on this particular forum?

How would it affect our lives if it did exist? Other than letting us know we are not so special, which doesnt feel like a very appealing motive to investigate the subject.

I know the stars exist. I can see them. There is no debate.

Thus the Wanda meme. Like huh? We are just talking in circles unless there is a specific destination that you are steering towards.


This is appearantly the topic to post it under not?


The debate on whether or not aliens or other life exists out there


This conversation needs its own thread now. Stop hijacking the meme thread! =)


Is there a way to hijack a thread of randomness?


And this one?




I’m posting the 200th comment to the MeMe thread… You’re welcome Sam. Good thread! :wink: