Official "Baller House" thread


Here’s a little cutie I recently did. Classic Cape Cod house.


. 3 diferent Residential ,beach house ,mountain view ,360 view

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love those so cal views


Yes ,C_winniger !!!im blessed to live and work in this beauty town ,Cali weather !!!

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i would rather live in that house than most of the ones in this thread.


That’s a big house c_winger!!

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[MENTION=7230]c_wininger[/MENTION] The older houses have their charm. I love how well made the old windows are. They also used old growth timber for those old houses. 500 year old trees cured to perfection lol :slight_smile: I love the thick wainscoting, the crown moulding, hidden little nooks and crannies. I ususally don’t make as much per hour cleanin the older houses, but I definitely have fun admiring the craftsmanship.

The newer houses with big glass are cool too, if the house has a decent view. The contemporary houses I used to clean in the Seattle area were pretty cool. 360 views of wooods and mountains is pretty relaxing.

My humble dwelling has beautiful 8 over 8 true divided windows for most of the house except the front room addition which has horrible little vinyl windows. My goal is to find a bunch of matching old true divided windows from craigslist and store them in my basement. Then when I get 2 weeks off I will take out the vinyl and frame in the old beauties. It’s not that tough to reglaze old windows, it’s just time consuming and expensive if you are paying someone else to do it.

That’s an interesting thread idea, though: old houses (properly maintained) vs. modern houses… which would you prefer to clean the windows for?

I like the classically styled houses that you clean in your area, Caleb. New construction, but borrowing from classic design.


man, just read back through this thread- reminds me of the “good old days” on this board. bump for the new guys, let’s see what you got!


Good 'ol days

I miss them I mean the old good old days. Guys were bashing stupidity dropping serious marketing and best of legend of Doug and Miami hi rise

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^ i so wish i was around for that.


Not super-baller, but this 3bd was cool. Hard 90’s and angles on the outside and very curvy interior.

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not the same as all the other pics, but i like it.

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I like jobs like that; lots of windows clustered. Good money.


Will the real “THRU GLASS” please stand up…

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Not necessarily “ballers,” but one of the biggest jobs we’ve done. I have another client that is the largest land owner in the USA, but I wouldn’t dare take photos. The have security cameras hidden everywhere. The house mangers don’t even know where they are.

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One positive about Doug, he dropped a lot of info for free.
Info that to this day, people are coming and talking about it

  1. Just discovering, and expecting us to re-explain it all
  2. or claiming it as their own. Patting themselves on the back, like we don’t know better.

Intersting to see people who went haywire.
Doug ran into tough times. (no excuses, but…)
McQuellen went from false arrogance to downright slippery/shady.
Mike the Window Cleaner went off the deepend and became this hateful, nasty person.
As for MiamiHirise, we all knew where HE was coming from, right off the bat.


It’s kind of Beetleguise-ish.

But that dead spiral bush/shrub in front has to go.

  • Bushes drive me crazy, they never seem to “work.”


lol :o I was going to ask where this was…
(then I noticed it was from over a year ago)

I love the use of field stone.

  • I’ve spent years collecting (digging up) for my own house.
    And I’m envious of areas where they are prevalent and collectable; Novi, Clarkston, etc…


I did something very similar too this .

This is picture of the back

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