Official "Baller House" thread


Not to shabby yourself Dan!


I give you guys credit. It’s harder cleaning homes than commercial buildings.

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Homes just are tedious to do. Plus a pain in the butt. But any job residential or commercial is/can be a pain in the butt. I do both but 95% commercial high rise. Biggest house I’ve done was a 10k Sq ft house. Brand new construction.

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Has the industry turned? I mean now it seems like IRATA credentials are in some conversations.


I’m in Chicago, I haven’t heard much about that. I’m not IRATA or SPRAT at the moment. But will be getting my level 1 for SPRAT this summer. So much competition here that some jobs are so underbid that it’s crazy. At least 15 different companies just downtown Chicago.

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I have the Disney account in Hawaii, a window cleaner in California fell at Disneyland at the Disney safety team is adamant that we get certified before we can continue servicing their resort. In a way I’m glad they are because my own experience was by in house on the job training. I’m pretty sure that I can do everything a L3 can do. Some of their equipment is new to me for sure. But I’ve been doing high work since 1987. If I was younger I’d probably tried to get into what the IRATA guys do on bridges and towers etc. however, they didn’t even begin until 1988. They’ve done a lot over the last 20 years that our employees could benefit from that just wasn’t there when I was in my prime.

Stay safe bro


The underbid scenario is a recipe for accidents. Instant success in the market recently has created competition that we don’t need. It’s not just about providing services anymore, it’s about providing value. Company’s that persuade, manipulate and pressure clients do not provide value. What do those I’m charge of making decisions want most? If you ask the aoao its price. For the resident manager it’s not price, it’s the ability to make a smart purchase. One that won’t make him look like a fool. Providing value means helping that manager convince his aoao to broaden the conversation beyond price into a relationship. Good luck with that. We got it worse here.


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Todays quarterly account.
I’ll see if I can get a pic with me in it. Gonna be hard since I work alone. Maybe the dog can do it.

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That’s last years picture. I’ll try and get an updated one. 40,000 sq ft of living space.

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In/out? How long does it take you?


In & out or just out? How long will that take you?


Three days for in/out windows. One day for all the exterior light fixtures.

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Thats pretty fast, why no helper?


Just haven’t done it yet. Way overdue, though, and I’ve been saying I’m gonna hire for a couple years now.

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Nice, good luck


This winter was tough!!


Lol, id WFP that igloo all day long


not the most extravagant from my list of clients but very original as far as importing alot of material from europe during the construction.
Took me 2 days to powerwash the roof (didnt crack one tile), and two days for int/ext windows. all windows and doors were true frenchies.

…oh, yeah the most baller thing about this picture is the camera angle. you all need to step up your game.


New build. The first pic is the access panel for the water mechanical room, the second is from the roof.