Odd job


Had a request for a bid today to go downtown and submit pricing for cleaning approximately 200 panels. This is a artsy structure stretches 2 blocks and is aluminated on the ground and reflects off overhead mirrors about 15’ Off the ground.

Proposed for monthly, possibly every 2 weeks to keep them clean.

Was thinking WFP for sure.


Unique application. Just curious, have you used WFP on mirrored surfaces before?


that’ll be a sweet gig


That’s a pretty cool job.

You going to use something like a trolley for a job like this?


It unique job, it will some very unigue issues too.

Some issues I see really quickly, if heavy road traffic you be dealing with pollutant build up next issue foot traffic working around constant flow of people and the other issue summer time reflective heat and sun.


Prior to this have never cleaned mirrors using wfp. The surface is mirror like, being reflective, it’s kind of odd I did tested with wfp turned out fine no scratching.

If awarded the plan is to bring out the entire arsenal I think is best. All tank mounted and portable for sure. There is no water access being downtown, there’s an area I can park my trailer running off my tank and I have 1 portable unit but will build another if awarded.


sounds good im sure all lighting has nice insulation too


Ahaa. Difficult gig, seems huge. Hope you are paid well and they wanna fork it out. :star_struck:


5am or before start imo, looks pretty easy.


Right on, get out early before the sidewalks fill with people.