Not getting all the water


Practicing my poling today. Haven’t gotten it down. 1 of these picture is showing the bottom of the window near the sill. I am doing straight pulls. (Can’t do pole fanning, yet at least). I try finishing out the straight pull and it leaves water down at the bottom. Guessing it has something to do with the angle of the squeegee. Have tried holdin the pole at different angles when closing out but wasn’t have success with that either. If it is an angle problem, is there a good handle out there I can buy for straight pulls with a pole? Right now I have the Ettore pro+ handle.

Other picture is just clarification of the height of the window I’m cleaning.


So pole to bottom quarter and finish by hand. If squeegee is at ninety degree angle, it won’t finish well. There is a zero degree squeegee; have not used one, nor do I have one. If I’m at high windows, I keep squeegee at a low angle. Perhaps watch some poling videos. Clean glass looks great, nice touch.:slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with LoveGlass. In the long run your body will thank you if you don’t force too many actions while window cleaning. One thing you can do which often helps keep a workable angle when you go low is to start crouching when you get toward the bottom.


Which squeegee are you using?


When you get close to the bottom your rear hand should be on its way up with the end of the pole to “finish off”


Yup, lift the pole as you close.


Am new to Fluff Daddy, but he IS the real deal:

Then, there’s these folks. Mad skills:

Here’s another one SteveO posted on here. Mad skills Steve! :open_mouth:

And…some more SteveO:


Get your self an ettore ledge-eze. They’re perfect for frames that aren’t too deep like the ones in you’re pic.


Ettore pro +


Didn’t try crouching down when I was finishing. I’ll give that a shot next time and see if it works.


Yeah I tried doing that. Watched quite of few poking vids and tried to mimic what I saw them doing. It worked sometimes but a majority of the time I was left with what the picture shows. May just need more practice. If I can get it right once, I should be able to get it right all the time if I practice.


Not sure how many of these vids I have already seen but I will definitely check them all out. Thanks!


I’ve heard good things about those handles. Not too expensive either so I will definitely give it a shot. Thanks


If you’re doing alot of pole work consider the ettore “backflip” not sure if it’s called a back flip, that might be the unger version. But same concept. It comes with a ledge eze and a t bar. The ledge eze fits into the t bar facing the opposite direction so you dont have to switch between scrubber and squeegee.



When I do storefronts and pole work I like to use a handle that swivels. That way I can pull down or across. Sometimes closing out to a side is easier then down.


Ok cool. I’m aware of the backflip but never really put any thought into buying it. I didn’t think I would mind changing the mop and squeegee after each window. Turns out that is a big hassle lol. I’ll see about buying the backflip. Thanks!


I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve seen that swivel handles are pretty popular for poling. Thanks


when i first started poling i watched videos of guys doing it and it seemed so easy. then i went out and tried it and it felt impossible. now 3 years later i’m as good as the guys in the videos. keep at it


Yep. Definitley harder than it looks. Just gonna keep practicing.