Noobie Question About Cleaning Tracks


When cleaning tracks do you guys actually remove the windows? For example - on a sliding window would you just slide the window open/closed and clean the tracks on either side? Or do you actually take the window out?

Thanks for answering this noob question


I guess it would depend on the level of clean you are providing, or the type of window, here I normally have to remove the window to get the screen out, so while its out I do clean the part that would other wise not get cleaned if you didn’t remove the window.
With that being said I don’t offer a deep track steam clean, just a brush, vac and wipe.


Humm, interesting question. On a construction clean I would take the window out. On a deep residential… probably not. You can vacuum it up pretty well without removing it.

If you want to provide the steam cleaning add on, you might have to remove it.


Usually not…On one job I even took out the insert in the tracks and cleaned underneath that…


I’ve done it both ways. Just depends how I feel and how bad the track is gunked and how much I’m charging.


I typically don’t take out the window unless necessary. I clean out tracks out with a wet natural sponge, a white pad or a red metal finishing pad, flat head or painters tool to get into spots my fingers can’t.