Ninja hack


If you cut your rubber to line up with the lower edge, you’ll get nearly no detailing on commercial glass with those rubber seals.

plus, it’s an adjustable margin depending on how far out the rubber sticks from storefront to storefront. you can get zero detailing when doing straight pulls and on squeegees 18" and over, if you NEED the rubber to go to the end of the squeegee there is enough stretch to make that happen.


I tried that recently myself and it seemed to work really well, sometimes I had to adjust it but otherwise I was impressed. Now I’m trying different methods. We just need to be carful not to scratch or scuff it get caught on something.


i went from hating to loving the ninja for commercial


Stupendous Ben. Just did it. Magnificent.


i like the handle so far but i like sorbo channls for my commercial stuff.

just tried a moerman channel with sorbo handle and kida liked it lol


I had a ninja… now I can’t find it.


if you like it, make a video about it


I’m sorry for not sharing sooner myself but thanks for bringing it to attention. Even if no one else cares lol.