Ninja Channel Modification [Luke the Window Cleaner]


sure … that may be a good idea. but i just decided to live a little lol


You like to live on the wild side! :wink:


So then what is better about the modded Ninja channel, as opposed to the Legend in your opinion?

To me, same shape, same angle, Both work fine. The Legend gets points for being refined and works better around the frame.

If you want to mod a channel, dandy for you. I just don’t see the point if another channel already exists that fills the gap.

I guess I just see things different than you do. I’m not very concerned with chopping up my equipment unless it’s necessary to make me more money. Way easier for me for me to buy some channels already made like this, then waste 20 minutes on each channel, cutting it down.

To each their own, right?


What I would do is take those little ends you cut off, throw the Ninja clips on 'em and make a 2" squeegee, good for spectacles or iwatches. But hey, what do I know?


I tried it on my 18" last night just to see if I would like it before cutting an actual 18" w/o end clips. I liked it was a little lighter than the SC, but I had a hard time with the ettore end clips. They wouldn’t go in very smooth and got pretty mangled. The Unger clips fit fine but they tend to slide out or fall out.

Your video editing skills make it look too easy @Luke. Or it could just be I’m pathetic LOL.


Well, I got the point of Luke’s video. It’s the fact that some who own the handle and channel love the feel and overall balance but have issues with the less than ‘petite’ clips. As for the ‘Legend’? Why bother if you’ve got a few wide body channels lying around, grab a spare put it in a mitre box and slice the ends at 45° … thats all it is… a ‘Squidgee’, angle sliced with new livery…


Because time is money. Say you piss away an hour on modifying channels. Your point of modifying was met with the Legend channel. So you just wasted that hour instead of working on your business, or enjoying life. We aren’t tool inventors, we are businessmen and women.

Would you spend 3 or 4 days of your time designing a post card too, or would you just drop a few hundred and get it done?


I’m a tool inventor. :disappointed:


But some of us think we are. Quite a few on YouTube. :sunglasses:


Well, best allow the guys that have the desire and ability to ‘piss away’ some time doing these modifications so that ‘successful business people’ can take advantage of the tools that result to work more effectively on their empires then :slight_smile:


I’m just a tool.:unamused:


Hey Mike,
Are you using any clips to hold rubber in place with this mod


ya to each their own. the ninja channel is made perfectly for my favorite handle…the ninja handle. so its a perfect angle/fit. but hey i just made a video of something i did…didnt tell anybody to hack up tools ect. besides arent you too busy to be wasting time watching videos like that? shouldnt you be working on your company or enjoying life? :wink:


you’re a downer


Lol. Yeah I guess.

Funny how if you aren’t backslapping someone, how some of the gang jumps in there and talks crap. I have come to realize this community isn’t about growing a business into something. Sure seems it’s more about celebrating mediocrity. It’s quite telling who most of the regulars are. Nothing wrong with being a solo guy and being happy there. But it sure seems like the rest of the gang doesn’t want others around here that want to pursue real growth for some reason.

Maybe someone needs to start a thread how to recut the blade edge of rubbers to save 2 bucks. Why spend money on new rubbers, when you can just recut a sharp edge and save yourself all that money? I’d say your time is too valuable to worry about something like this. But obviously some here have made MILLIONS by stepping over dollars to pick up pennies,

I guess I was in the WRONG here, daring to leave my comment. That is unless I was willing to backslap someone about their “awesome” invention they came up with, after someone else already came up with the same idea earlier…

You boys carry on. :blush:


I didn’t have anyother squeegee besides the moerman liquidator or the unger ninja. I spent £20 on the Ninja and it sat idle in a box. Something so silly as removing the end clips(which I had no clue could happen). Actually made my use it again and it’s saving me money on rubbers.

I’m from the UK and the liquidator eats rubber. We get alot of wooden frames etc and I now use this tip luke put out there(again).

I’m not a regular and Im not from the states. This community has helped my business alot. Everyone’s actually nice. Time is money, but most window cleaners come from backgrounds with no money so we/they’d appreciate savings of any value.


you’re wrong but you won’t tolerate anyone telling you so

our company is not a solo op, we grew 110% our second year and 60% our third year. every reason why is from this forum.

rather than about saving money, many of us enjoy tinkering. i could buy all ettore or all unger but rather i mix and match and experiment because i LIKE it.


ill backslap you just for being you! good job you :sunglasses:


thanks buddy ! same here , it just kinda sat in a box. I wanted to actually put it to use so i thought i would try this out and make a quick video about it . turns out it worked pretty good. @HoosierSqueegee sorry if my video offended you and your busy forum schedule. next time ill make a quick buisness driven how to shave rubber tutorial.


Yes I use Ettore clips one on each end.

I use brass Unger handles with teeth so it’s not totally necessary but that’s what I’m used to doing.

Ettore channels and Ettore rubber.
No detailing