Ninja Channel Modification [Luke the Window Cleaner]


Are the end clips worth keeping? Nice mod Luke.

30 degree cut Ettore channel

I tried this mod but instead I used the unger green clips. My only issue is I seem to be scraping at the frames with the channel. I have been using the moerman liquidator for a while, perhaps it’s my technique or the rubber is to short at the edges. Any suggestions?


I cut my channels at a 30* angle and that solves that problem.


Nice one Luke. Nothing new under the sun though. Here’s one from Mark from a few years ago. Green clips. Much tidier…


Here we are using piece zip tie on under side of the squeegee rubber.


Could I see a picture as a reference?


You mean something like this??



I could try doing this to my unger ninja. Better get the file out and see how it goes.


Hey Luke and Reanna: do you like the modified Ninja better than an Ettore Super Channel. I heard Reanna say it’s lighter in the video but is it better?



Mike, how do you cut it? All the way to the top or so you spare a few millimetre straight at the end?
I hope you understand what I mean😊

Edit: now I saw your photo👍


File it like a liquidator channel I believe. I’ll see what I can come up with.


Do people have clip problems because of the BOAB or because of wiping the rubber with a rag? Or submerging else?

I’ve never had a problem with the clips but i use the ninja boab and dont rag the rubber. Curious.


Hmmmm I think I need to go to lowes real quick and get a new hack saw blade so I can try this :thinking: I’ll be back.


Wouldn’t it be best to try it without the clips first? Prior to any hacksaw mod? That way if you don’t like without the clips then no biggie, just put em back on :slight_smile: just sayin’


I did it! I’m actually pretty happy with it. How have I not thought of this yet? Either way, not bad guys, not bad at all. Went out back and tested it on my sliding glass door.


Seems to me it would be much easier to just buy a legend channel, rather than hacking up a Ninja channel.

But what would I know…


What’s better a Legend Channel or a modified Unger Ninja?

I love my modified Ettore brass channels. I wonder if the Ettore Super Channel would be better if it was modified to be more like a Legend as well?


yeah i saw this years ago…i wanted to try it with ettore clips


ya i guess i just prefer the ninja to the legend …but what do i know