NG 1010 nano coat sealer


Hi I am new here, long time reader first-time poster! I am actually based in Australia, but we have no such community.

I am currently looking into different nanocoatings for glass and noticed some 6-month-old conversations about the NG 1010 cleaner from Nanovations, made here in Australia.

Has anyone tried this yet and have any feedback? I am having trouble finding real world feedback.


Maybe @Henry can assist you with the information you’re looking for.


Here is a comparison chart that Nanovations USA sent me. Hope this comes out.

Nanovations Comparisons 12-5 (3).pdf (657.3 KB)

Also take a look at the post I did in my blog just a little while ago. It lists two famous buildings with pictures that had the NG1010 applied. And lists the architect that specified the use of this product. There is contact info for the USA company. The link to the blog is

I am talking with John from the USA on buildings that have been treated with the NG1010 and will be writing more about how the maintenance of these buildings is working out. Further I just learned today that Mark Tanner is beginning to work closely with the Nanovations USA so we will be getting a play by play on that as it progresses. Really cool stuff is going on now. So much I can’t relay it all here. Keep tuned to the Glass Smart blog. Put your email address in the box at the top right, “Follow by Email” and the posts will come immediately in your inbox on your phone, tablet, and computer.



Thanks Henry!


I bought a sample a while ago and used it on my front windscreen, has worked very well.

Over the next few days when I get a spare minute I will do my shower with it see how it holds up. I am considering what to charge for shower door restoration as the hard water stain removal product they sell is amazing, it removed moderate staining with a light manual buff, I was very surprised at how effective it was.

As for application, there is a company in the area who uses rain x and tries to sell it to all external windows, I believe this is total overkill and would not offer it in that application, it is mainly best suited to windows in weather/sprinkler/salt and those kind of extremes where it would be advantageous imo.


Just ordered a windscreen kit and shower screen sample. Look forward to giving it a crack.


Hoping everyone checks out the post I did on the NG1010. Most fascinating to me is the idea of a “nano” treatment which the picture illustrates very well. Here is the link. You will also find contact info at the bottom so you can ordor samples direct.;postID=3558831418624169906;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=3;src=postname