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Looking good man and way to stay organized. Stay on top of your office stuff!

Good luck man. Looks like you’ll be ready to rock this Spring! The calls will be pouring in👍


I really appreciate the encouraging feedback GlassMD. In the past I have done things somewhat different. This time I have pored the majority of my effort on building a solid foundation. Really nothing to do with the actual work it’s self. That will present a whole bunch of new challenges, however when the time comes I want to be able to grow and not buckle under the work load.


Go man, go.



That’s it buddy. That was my biggest mistake last year(my first year). This year I’ll be way more organized in the office. The work will have challenges but at least you will have the foundation like you said - saving you many headaches and allowing you to focus on the work.

And anytime, I’m good at boosting confidence. You can basically call me Saint Michael Lol.


Nice revision, and fast!!!:+1:


Don’t be too impressed; I “borrowed” your pic, laid it in Publisher and put a text box over it. Then I shot it back at ya as a jpg. Just having a little fun at your expense. It’s cold and rainy today. :four_leaf_clover:


Here is my first draft of a door hanger. What do you all think?


What’s on the back side?

Doorhangers have very little roi if there is no offer and call to action.

  • offer = service offer at a certain rate (price.)

  • call to action = “this offer expires on this date” “Call now” “don’t miss the early season special” etc.

Hope this helps.


Hey, @samueldodds45 where are you primarily based out of? My company (I help manage. I’m not the owner) is based out of North Hills but we clean all over. We should get coffee sometime as we might be able to help each other out. We’re a little more established so if you get something that’s too big we could help out and when we are so busy we can’t catch up or maybe someone is closer to you, we can throw some business your way!


I would be very interested in meeting for coffee. I am in the South Hills. Alway looking to connect and network with other that have a growth oriented mindset.



SWC, very true. It’s so easy to stray off in the wrong direction due to being excited. It does not have to be somthing to be admired but rather somthing that creates sales and leads.

Thanks for the constructive plumbing up. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@samueldodds45 Sorry. Busy week with getting some work in and son home from college for a week, lol. Email me at jon@bellottihomecleaning solutions and we can exchange phone numbers and figure out when to get together! My boss is totally on board too and will be happy to help you out as much as possible.


@samueldodds45 Hey there. I’d still like to get together with you and see how we can help get rolling. This week’s weather isn’t cooperating much for outside work, lol, so give me a text or call. 412.501.7529