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Ok, I am moving forward taking baby steps every day. Just bought the following. All hand tools, bucket, a ladder today. It’s a folding ladder that is 16 feet.

I bought the name tonight, and will make my business cards tomorrow. Other things in progress. Business plan 80% completed. Meeting with accountant tomorrow while doing taxes.
Working on initial script just to test and tweak in my everyday communications.

Because it can be hard to see your own holes. I was wondering if there is anything that You feel is anything ESSENTIAL that I am missing in order to be ready for a launch soon.


Have you actually cleaned a window?


Two years in Ireland.


Market research, find “your target” market, learn what the going rate for the service(s) you offer is in your area.

Get your marketing pieces ready.

Spring season is coming up quickly be ready for it.


Cool. I couldn’t remember.

Get a few logoed shirts. If you look professional you’ll be professional.

Are you going after route work? Then might want the customer factor or other cms.

I’d get a website but wouldn’t worry about all the parasite sites until later (yep, Facebook, etc).

Insurance? Estimate sheets?


24ft Extension ladder, make sure it’s a red or green tip, preferably. Get some xtenda leg levelers and a ladder standoff and you’ll be able to get to 85% the windows you’ll need for any 1 or 2 story house. Also what is your vehicle that you’re using?


Well congrats!! Let me know If I can help.

As far as learning, start watching Youtube, you will learn a ton of business stuff!!


Congrats @Lucky614! Get an app to handle your route and planning from the start and pick one that will grow with you. There are plenty to choose from but Squeegee App is great when your getting started since its free for everything you will need for now. It does offer paid features as part of a pro package when your ready to make the leap into proper CRM with text notification and payment collection etc.


Strongly concur with the above post that recommends avoiding parasitic web companies. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce has been good for me, strongly recommend checking out your local version.


Hello All, I spoke with my accountant today about going LLC. Business cards are designed but will finalize and proof tomorrow before pulling the trigger. What is chamber of commerce?

This forum is amazing everyone help everyone.


As far as a vehicle goes my wife has a white dodge caravan, I may get it wrapped, or trade in my Dodge Charger.


Josh, working my way through the podcast. Thanks


Most communities have a chamber of commerce which consists of local businesses that promote commerce in their community. They usually have luncheons with guest speakers.

Today the local chamber had a monthly luncheon with guest speakers from the State Parks but I went to the wrong restaurant ;(


Just an update on where I am at. Accountant checked out my name with state. Lucky window cleaning. LLC process in action. Logo is finalized. Just bought marketing blueprint with all the downloads. WCRA membership up and running.

Seems like there is a million little things to do just to get started.


Keep asking questions and taking action.

Spring season is Right around the corner.


Awesome! Post your logo here if you get a chance!



I thought this was the most professional one out of all the concepts. Anyway I never wanted to spend as much time as I did on it. But there you go.

SWC, thanks sometimes I think I am being a pain in the ass with all my topics and questions. But it all add fuel to the fire and keeps everything moving along I guess.


I like to see people ask questions and apply what they learn.

The key is to take action on what you learn.


Here is front of business card. Website is being put together, shirts being made, working on first marketing campaign, met with a business advisor last weeks.

I am taking actions everyday.