Newbie ready for a WFP, have some questions!


Hi everyone,

Business is growing quick (Im in Canada) and I am ready to get a WFP. I was thinking reach-it but Im open to any brands, and also not sure whether I should:

  • Buy an RO system off amazon, and a DI tank from one of the WFP suppliers, figure out how to put it all together and filter it at home. Then, store in a tank in my truck and use a pump powered off my truck battery. Maybe buy 300’ of rhino tube and put it on a reel?


  • Buy the whole cart and filter on-site with a supply hose.

Problem is our water is extremely hard here, around 1100ppm. I could filter the water at the farm from the well which is 500ppm and the filters would last longer. Also what if some buildings have no spigots, or they are hard to get to without risking tripping someone?

Using a tank setup I wouldn’t have a supply hose to trip over and can have pure water no matter where I am. However it would be nice to be able to turn off the pump when Im away from the truck, not sure if that is possible.

What would you guys do?


You won’t get much support around here for Reach It products. WCR dropped them due to quality issues…

Before I cut my tendons in my hand I was going to set up a buffer tank system in my van this year. You are right, sometimes it isn’t the easiest to get water from a spigot on site so I wanted a tank really bad this year.

Absolutely possible with what is called a Flow Controller.


Thanks for the advice! The flow controller is pretty cool and exactly what I was looking for…Also I am not set on Reach-IT at all, definitely open to other options. I will edit my original post to reflect that.


If you’re in Canada order the Northern Lite from Mark at @Beautiful_View. I’ve used a Reach-It mini with a constructor brush before and I didn’t like the brush. The round shape was no good for getting into corners.

The brush that comes with the Northern Lite is the best brush hands down.

Also if you’re just starting out, this pole can grow with your business. As you get contracts with more stories you can buy 11ft extensions for an extra story of reach.
A lot of the other poles don’t have that ability and you have to buy an entirely new pole when you need more reach.


where in canada? i am in winnipeg.


I am in a smaller city called Estevan. About 2 hours south of Regina. I was actually pretty close to Winnipeg a couple weekends ago, was in Grunthal at the motocross track. Some pretty crazy highways out that way!


Because of your post I am going to go with the Northern Lite 43ft and the RHG EZ Pure 4 stage purifier simply because Ive read nothing but good things and they have a Canadian distributor. If you get time I was also wondering:

  • How big of a buffer tank should I go with? Will go in a 2015 ram 1500. I plan to come to the job site with it full, and filter on site only if I come close to running out. WFP work will mainly be our 4 storey hotels around here, usually around 120 windows (roughly 400 panes). Might even do our residentials that we have already squeegee cleaned as well.

  • Any recommendations on reels and hose? I plan to go with at least 300ft of pole hose.

  • Anything extra I should buy just in case? Clamps, brushes, etc.