Newbie from South Carolina


Hello everyone, my name is Jason Fenstermaker and I live near Charleston SC. I am a career firefighter and I have owned a power washing company for the last two years. 2016 was a decent year for me with an increase of residential customers and I want to add complete window cleaning to my services offered. I look forward to learning from the senior guys on the forum.
Have a great day everyone!



Welcome to forum Jason.


Welcome to the forum.


Hello Jason and welcome to the forum!




We’re glad to have you Jason. Welcome to the forum.


Welcome, lots of great info here


Great to have you with us Jason! :slight_smile:


I was born and raised in Greer until my mom moved us to NM when I was 11. Welcome to the boards and good luck!


So Cal transplant to South Carolina
Welcome to the forum loving the south


Welcome to the best window cleaning forum in the universe :sunglasses:


Interesting name. Welcome.


Same Last name? Obvious the first part. Havent seen any other version beside macher/maker. Full name is Fenstermaker




Welcome I would be more than happy to help you get set up for window cleaning. It’s a great add on to PW. You only need a few items to add to your set up and you can clean windows. Feel free to call or text me 24/7 I was born and raised in SC


Welcome to the forum!