Newbie from Colorado


Hello everyone. I’ve been trolling the forum for a bit, but I’ve started my business as of August 1st. I got the idea about doing solar panels, but am focusing on windows to help me stay busy. I’m keeping my day job(nightshift) until I am able to quit my day job or hire employees.


Hello and welcome. You may find in short time that you can quit your night job soon or hang on part time while you build a customer base. I wouldn’t be so concerned about hiring too soon. Learn the business well first and prosper.
Solar panels are an add on service to tick the bill up a wee bit. Since solar loss is relatively minimal from dust and dirt unless it is a huge amount, you can’t bank on that being your driving force.




Hello and welcome to the forum!


Where in CO?


Yes, I figured that much which is why I chose to add additional services. The more services, the more work I should have.