Newb WFP Pump help


I service our cities recreation center. Last time I was planing on using my WFP but a lack of observation they have 0 water hook ups. I need to setup a tote/pump system and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. My main concern is if I turn water off on my pole will the pump keep going and eventually blow my hose or will it automatically adjust pressure?


Fina a tank locally for cheap, then hook up delivery kit. The kit consists of a delivery pump and a digital flow controller. If you don’t have a controller, you’ll run through your water very fast. Currently, the delivery kit with the remote on/off is marked down $122. This is a great DYI project.

Let me know if we can help with it.


Many pumps will automatically shutoff when reaching max psi. Must select the pump that works for you.

DIY Pump in box $150

Tank with pump/flow controller mounted $600

Each has a purpose, one is compact and great for occasional smaller jobs, other is a bigger unit for the larger jobs.

If your thinking of building a pump in a box, which worked for me, some type of flow controller is extremely helpful.

The flow controller for pump in as box is as cheap as $10. The advantage is you are using a limited supply of water, from a container or bucket, so to conserve that supply eliminates the need of carrying more which saves time.


Jeff I was thinking of a 50 gal water tote on my trailer they are easy to
come by because people use them for cattle. Then a water hose hook up for
the pump. The building is only 27ft high so I won’t need any crazy psi


Once you have a tank you’ll enjoy it for every job. I made one myself with the tank, flow controller, pump, and battery for less than $500. Or you can but a pre-assembled one for a lot more. If you want more info I can help you out.