Newb mistake


I learned my lesson today. I did my first residential job. Think it was 30 outside windows and 5 inside windows. When I went to quote the property it was pouring rain. So when I went to walk the property the owner was hesitant due to the yard being all mud and freshly planted. Today we did the inside 5 windows, the garage and then went to the back of the home. We then found that what we thought was a deck was actually railings going to the basement. The ground was like a walk out basement. My ladder is only 20’ and I needed 30’. I was scared poopless!! It was not safe. I missed 4 windows on the estimate so I lost $20 on those. Then if I would of seen the change in the yard I would of bid 20 dollars a window if not more. LOL holy crap today sucked but. I learned my lesson and made $253 on my first resi job. Took a long 6 hours.


Sounds like good experience with a good days pay. Dont worry how long it takes. You still did really good!


Congratulations on your first residential job, You did good because $42 an hour is not bad. GlassMD is right, mark it down as good experience. I can hardly wait to join you in this type of celebration. :vulcan_salute:


You’ll love it when you do! I’m excited for you :slight_smile:


My first two story house I did 9 years ago, I bid it at $160, and it had about 60 panes of glass and the house was in and out. Also had some paint cleanup. I was just happy to get it. I used an old crappy extension ladder I got from my 80 year old neighbor and the wind that day was about 30 mph gusts. I was so scared and I hated it! LOL But 6.5 hours later I finished and she was super happy. Every year after I did her house, got way faster after a couple times. Two years ago was the last time I did her house, charged $240 and had it done in 2.5 hours, in, out and screens. Things get better over time but I will always remember her house as my first “big” house.

Now she moved to Sarasota Florida and later this year she wants my wife, kids and I to go visit her and stay with her for a week, with use of her Mercedes and just enjoy a nice vacation. She is in her 60’s and is an amazing lady. My point is, that client might bring something way better and unexpected later in life, with no obligation required. She don’t even want me to bring my window cleaning tools.

Cherish that house and just learn from there. Good job getting it done and making them happy.


Beautiful comment :+1:


Cruze, welcome to resi! Hey, you made between 30 and 40 an hour and got paid training. It’s the challenges of each job that you have to muddle through, put one foot in front of the other and think your way through. As Garry says, bid a little higher to leave some cushion room for surprises. You done good sir. So much for competition eh? Proud of ya. Get some more. :man_firefighter:


Did you tell the client after it was done that if they want it done again, there would be another price than what they paid then?

That will save you from them thinking you are trying to gouge them later on. It’s okay to tell em you screwed the pooch on the estimate especially if they didn’t have to pay more after you already gave them a number…

So how did you end up cleaning those windows you couldn’t get to with your ladder anyway?
From the inside?


I did not. If they call again I will tell them about our findings on the job or just tell them we had a 20% increase in our prices. Not that it matters but the family is Indian. I do not think he completely valued my service but it was new construction and they couldn’t do the outsides plus the 5 inside living room windows. I could reach the inside windows. I was terrified it was Snow White carpet and furniture. Got those done. For the 40’ windows on the outside I had to use a pole and straight pole off of a very small roof. The death meter was at a solid 8 out of 10 lol. I ended my time there with a hand shake, a dozen home made cookies on a nice company color plate, gift cards one for them and one for a friend that expires in dec of 18 and a customer info sheet that asked for Facebook and google reviews. Well I haven’t gotten a review lol.

On a side note the guy owns a local hotel. My info sheet says we do commercial.


Ok third note!! Palm to forehead moment. We walk up to the guys front door. I look down and see swasticas and red dots. I was kinda ticked off that people would come all the way to this rich neighborhood to discriminate against him. So I knock again and say sir I’m sorry but some jerks vandalized your front step. I said I’m sorry people are like this. Also we will go ahead and try to take care of this for you. He walks over and says oh no that is our symbol for god. Lol o my!!! My bad dude. I guess that’s how they bless the entrance



That is to funny. I washed windows for a Thai restaurant and on their windows they had some white symbol drawn on them with white paint that came off with the slightest wipe. I asked them the first wash about removing it and they told me what it was. Well after washing there windows monthly for about three years, I finally went to fast and swiped it with my mop and swoosh, it was a smeared mess! I felt sooooooo bad, and I apologized very sincerely and they knew I felt bad. But they were ok with it and did get upset at all. They never did redo it, which made the job a lot easier on this big 8’x8’ window that had the symbol about a foot down right in the middle. About two years later they closed down, I sure hope it wasn’t my fault!


Yup the one on the right. Lol that is god not hitler


Not a small job for sure.

I hear ya on the white carpet. Watch out for those pianos too man, if you ever see those in your way do yourself a favor and ask that it be moved for you out of the way so you don’t even get a drop of water on the finish. Don’t ask.

Painters drop cloths work good for white carpet on ccu’s too. Nice gig tho man. Good client too. They’d almost get it free for cookies all day long!


Cruze, nice reading. As you go forward, embrace the attitude that after your work,“You couldn’t even tell I was there.” Case in point: helped some new neighbors up the street move in. Their windows were covered in plaster and paint splatter from contractors that did the re-hab on the house.They didn’t have any money so I said I would clean 3 windows, no charge.Well…the LandLady showed up, fed us and looked around. She and her husband own multiple businesses. The people were blown away after the windows were cleaned. I got a multiple business lead, and the husband that moved in works at a gym and is finding out who does their windows. Good will goes a long way. Oh, and as I did an Indian market, Grandpa was waving incense and praying as I worked. I asked if they were blessing my work and they said yes. Sounds like you learned a lot. Carry on and have fun. :india:


I think the swastika on the front door is a cultural thing. I had the same thing with a customer also. If you look closely at some Catholic churches it is there too. The Germans borrowed a symbol for a horrible cause.

Also, this job was a good lesson learned. Made decent money too. It gets better!


Yea def was religion based symbols. No no I give all my resi customers a dozen homemade cookies on a nice dish. From dollar tree lol but they have real nice china for that type of gift. They either take it and eat them or throw them away lol. I don’t care. But I bet they remember they got cookies from my company and not ol bobs that does work for beer money lol


Part of Hitlers plan was not only to restore the parts of Germany that had broken off (conquered) over the centuries, but to also restore their ancient religions and Norse Gods. Ancient religious symbols being revived, not borrowed. Keep in mind that the man we have on our $20 bill declared genocide on native Americans, and was responsible for the death of an estimated 36+ million of those peoples. That was roughly 6 times the number of Jews that Hitler was responsible for killing. If you do the research then it will become clear how skewed and biased our history lessons can be. Killing people is wrong for whatever reason, and declaring genocide is sick, but not everything that Hitler did was bad, and also keep in mind that we captured/rescued an SS officer who later became the head man at NASA when we allegedly landed on the moon. Anyway, not trying to get off topic, especially about politics or religion, just hoping to help stop the hate, even against monsters, and remind people to have open mind for clear understanding.


Hang in there. You’ll have much worse experiences!


We always used a WFP on all outsides! You loose a lot of time with ladders. The safety issue is big too.
They have all types of WFP here for you to buy too!