New Window cleaner question


Hey guys so I would like a whole run down on FD and how you deal with it and customers. For example do you present all your customers with a scratch waiver regardless of the job commercial or residential just to protect yourself? Or only if you have to use a razor on the glass? Also is FD strictly on temperd glass ? If so that would mean it would be found in more commercial and store fronts rather than residential correct? If scratches from FD only happen with a razor why not just stop useing a razor and use white pads or bronze woll to get debris/ paint off the windows? I also want to get into store front and commercial accounts with would all most likely have temperd glass would a scratch waiver be needed just to clean the windows ( just useing scrubber and squeegee)



We pretty much stopped using razors, not worth the hassle. In our area FD is mostly commercial tempered glass but have seen it in resi tempered as well. I prefer to avoid scratched glass and employees no longer carry razors on their belts.
Chemicals and bronze or steel wool.


Gotcha what kind of chemicals? Also is it possible to scratch glass useing scrubber and squeegee or with wool? If so do you have all customers sign a waiver for let’s say route work were you mostly just washing/cleaning ?


Same here! The customer have to beg us try with the razor if we should put them out of the toolbox.
Often they understand that they can stand with a tiny spot rather then a scratch mark.


So considering your not useing a razor. Is there a chance to scratch the glass with say white scrub pads or wool? Also considering your not useing razors do you still have them sign a scratch waiver ?


I guess my question is if your hired to do a 2 jobs one is a commercial store front that wants you every two weeks to come and clean there windows (just using a scrubber and squeeze and maybe a scrub pad or wool if there is stuck on spot). The second spot is a resident home that also wants there windows cleaned not CCU just standard cleaning would you in these two cases require the customer to sign a waiver? Considering you will be dealing with tempered glass or is it only an issue when your at an CCU job and need a razor?



I would look into tempered glass requirements/codes. This will help you to get a better idea of where it will be installed in homes


Doors, bathrooms, stairs, etc.


I will definitely look into those codes/requirements. Do you know of a good site to learn more about it? Also how about when to have a waiver signed? Do you have a waiver signed anytime you clean tempered glass or just if you needed to scrape it?


Dan Fields is well-respected in this area.

It’s pretty unlikely you will scratch glass with a scrubber or a white pad when doing a maintenance clean. There would have to be something pretty nasty on the glass that would be dislodged and pushed along. You would be able to recognize that potential issue as you’re cleaning the window.


So would you say a waiver is only needed on CCU jobs and jobs that require scraping with razors and it just maintenance cleaning


Anytime your going to put razor to glass have a waiver signed in hand first.


Make it easy, just put it in your invoice