New tools! What’s your favorite?


Super stoked just bought some new stuff to try out! I’m sure a lot of people are using them! I haven’t got anything new in 6 months and I feel that the Excelerator is going to help me out a lot! How do you guys like them?
1 x MOERMAN 14in/35cm SWIVEL PRO T-BAR (Y485) = $17.00
1 x GMT #0000 STEEL WOOL 16 PADS BAG (S156) = $4.45


I have been happy with my Moerman 14" Excelerator. Sometimes at ten degrees I need to use the 12". I haven’t developed very much proficiency with the 18". I use 0000 bronze wool because steel rusts so fast. I’m interested to hear more about Moerman’s soap.


I figured each pad would be a one time use. Right now I use ettore soap. I haven’t tried dawn soap yet, But I’ll be trying dawn tomorrow I have a pressure washing and window cleaning job.


moerman soap is nice smells good but for the price Dawn works fine imo.

bottle is nice but a little bulkier than i expected.

i got smaller bottles from smart and final for refillable ketchup and mustard. i like em cuz i can carry it in back pocket or leg pocket in my cargo pants


Cool thanks for the tips.


Ordered a 16” ledger, looking forward to using that when it comes. And a Gardiner wfp with fan jets, stoked on an upgrade.
Just waiting for delivery.
Agreed on steel wool, have lots and change often. Like being able to unspool and slap on a T-Bar when window is in need. Plus in a pinch can find it in local hardware stores usually.


Got a News T-Bar - Unger Ninja.
Have for years used t-bars like Ergotec, Moerman and Ettore. But wow what a great grip and feel with the Ninja T-bar. Just like their handle.


I tear off chunks of pad as needed. I never use a whole pad at once. That will get expensive to use. I also buy steel wool 3 bags at a time. Chunk out as needed. For a big window I will tear pad in half, unfold and use until I see rust. Contgrats on new toys. :smiley: My newest tools include wagtails. I’m a fan.


Sweet thanks for the tip!


Biggest excelerator tip: soap straight to pad. New gear always feels good. You made good choices.


Bought the moerman experience box and some moerman soap to try out.


The Snapper is a nice handle. You may enjoy it. Btw, Ettore rubber is a BEAST to get into the new clips, even with solution.


I like the handle. Ive been using the 10” for interiors my last few jobs. Using moerman hard rubber. The 14” is what gives me problems. It’s like I’m starting over all over again lol


Looking forward to hearing how your Moerman soap performs.


Will let you know as soon as it comes in should be by the end of this week.


I’ll probably use that Moerman soap today and give you some feedback


I love my exelerator, it has grown on me so much. I literally have trouble using normal squeegee’s now.


Been using the excelerator now for three weeks, does a better job than the Wagtail that I’ve been using for the past four years. Very impressed and will be getting another couple of sizes soon. I use a 14 inch as it fits most of my windows.


So is it true that Moerman have made new Liquidator end clips tighter? Do they actually solve the rubber side to side movement problem? Or do they still move, just less so?

Do you have to buy the Snapper kit to get the clips? Or are they available else where?



Yes but if you use Ettore rubber, it’s nearly impossible to load into the clips even with soap and water.

Additionally, the best way to avoid rubber movement is

  • Soap on the scrubber
  • Smaller size channel than normal
  • Not too much rubber on dry glass, (about an inch)

I don’t know.