New to window cleaning


Primarily, yes. The one add-on is pressure washing. We do hundreds of restaurants so a patio pressure wash is a pretty easy sale. Most are also on a program frequency of some kind as well.


Thanks for the quick response Jim, how many crews to cover 7 figures?
Chain restaurants?


You are welcome. I have 18 routes manned by an individual one man crew on each route. We picked up $14,000/m in route work this past year ending in Dec. Always loved route work for the residual income. But most don’t put enough time into it to turn it into something significant. My commercial motto has always been, “Build it once, maintain it, get paid for life.”


Colder than I’d like it. I started a route day in 35° weather and just about died.


I agree Jim.

I would like the opportunity to pick your brain for a bit sometime, if you have the time.

Here’s my email


Reach out anytime. Email is


Thanks Jim I look forward to chatting!


Forgot about the 7 McDonald’s I do but that’s only when they have corporate inspections


I know the feeling this morning my phone said 30 but felt like 20 with wind chill


Overheating? Dehydration?




That’s awesome you’re sticking with the windows, even part time.


Wish I had enough work to make it full time. I really do enjoy it.


Just keep building your route until it can buy your freedom