New to the forum, veteran of the business


Hi I’m Tim, been cleaning windows 23 years and running a business 10 years. I have 5 full timers. I am a fourth generation cleaner, my great grandfather started as a side job in 1918. Been following this forum for awhile and decided to join.


Nicely done Sir. What finally motivated you to join us?


Welcome! That’s quite a professional pedigree you have :rofl:


Just interested in others experiences and business techniques. Always interested in new products and issues other guys run into.




Very cool. Welcome


Cool history and nice pic!




Welcome aboard! that’s a nice looking truck and a great picture overall. Well done.


Welcome to the forum.





So your grandfather was cleaning windows before the squeegee was invented, very interesting, it would be amazing to read about how it was done with a leather chamois and scrim, I remember reading how all the window cleaners in 1936 were all mad about he squeegee development and now “anybody” could just become a window cleaner a skill they had converted for the ages.


I would to hear how that process works to, it would be really interesting.


Glad to have you. Welcome


I would love to tell you more about it but unfortunately my great grandfather passed away before I was born and my grandfather started after the squeegee was invented. Great grandpa would do windows while my Great grandma would work at a confectionary store they owned. This is the earliest picture I think we have of him with the ladders sticking out of the rumble seat.


Here is a later picture of a fruit truck that they turned into a wc truck. My great grandfather is on the left and my grandfather is in the middle.


Very cool. Thanks for sharing the pics. Welcome to the forum.


So freaken cool!
Welcome man. This has gotta be the oldest in the family biz I’ve ever heard of! That’s really cool. Can’t wait to hear your input man.


Thanks for sharing the pictures!


Kind of like the WFP in our day