New to commercial


Wow, I never would have considered it that way. I always called each one a window. Thanks for clarifying. But doesn’t it still come out the same. I tell them 62 “windows”, because they don’t know what you just taught me, give them a price for one side and then double it if it’s both. Not trying to argue, just seems easier to keep track of for me.


Okay. That does seem realistic. I have removed my stupid math. Back to cheap date for super clean. Have to agree that glass probably just has rain water spotting and sandy crust. Good find for an account if store goes for it. I got skills, but I’m still slow compared to you folks…but I, too, do good work. Thanks jhans.



I would price it at 3 per window.

Denver mattress in most cases won’t pay for the hard water staining removal from PW etc .

Like jhans mentioned early create a formula for pricing.

This looks like very simple and straight forward job.


It depends on if the person understands what they think is 1 “window” is actually 12 “windows” to you.
You don’t have to break down your formula to them but for YOUR figuring purposes and for clarification of the job a “window” is often times more than opening in a wall. Just ask anybody about cleaning French panes or cut ups. Assuredly almost all will ask how many panes. I bid a home that I didn’t get, but the was a bit of cheapo I heard from neighbors, and four of his windows were huge 25 pane French windows. The rest were from 8 to 12 panes for each window. So you see, a window is subjective.


Sorry, had visions of swirling hand grinder to remove heavy calcium. So…at 3 dollars per window, is that inside and out?


Yeah. So the pane count is 104 windows. At 3 bucks each, that’s still $312.

So, your at $189 for the job?


This will take me a while. I’m just not as fast. Been doing residential only and I take my time. Haven’t done commercial jobs yet. Thanks for the info gentlemen. I appreciate your help.


I’m just another new dummy here trying to figure out pricing system too. Thanks for putting up with me Pros. I value your input greatly, even if I come off stupid. :thinking:


Don’t be so concerned about the time factor yet. Do a good job and the speed will fix itself as experience unfolds.


52 outside at 3.50 is $182.
52 inside at 3.50 is 182.

Thats just me from pic and count

If its been a long time since last clean they likely will wait a long period again.


It’s actually 124 panes. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


See now I’m confused. I thought it was 62 panes - some ladder work, put it on a route and I’m at 250-300. Where did 52 come in?

Now it’s 124? How did it double? Where am I? I’m totally lost. It’s like being in college again.



When I counted all the “windows” there are a total of 62. According to the per pane estimate outside is 62 panes and inside is 62 for a total of 124 panes. Sorry I’m just not used to the per pane method.


28 in the set with doors
12 in set left of door
12 in set right of door

Equals 52 is what pics looked like?


I counted them before taking the pictures. There are 38 in the center picture including the two doors.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Pay attention, math class isn’t over yet. Okay, just say 300. He probably won’t spend the money anyway. He’ll send to starving mattress salesman out with a bottle, a rag, and a ladder.

@chavezja03 - go say 300 and let us know what happened. You make some money if he bites. If not, move on. He’ll probably say he has to get approval anyway. Go see. It’s been a blast and down right educational trying to figure all this stuff out.


That’s the way you get maintance Cleaning jobs like this. It’s just to much for them to do in/out every month Quote them for exterior 1x a month. Tell them the insides don’t need it every month quartley would be good enough
First clean in an out 300.00 Monthly exterior maintance clesning 100.00


No that price is per side.


See? See? That’s what I mean; are we talking about a window? What kind of window? Is it a single pane window, double pane window 12 or 18 pane window? ARGGHHHH, there’s too damn many different kinds of windows! Count panes, it will do you good. lol


Ok 62, next time posting an entire pic would be better.