New to all this


Hey my name is Brent. I live in TX but moving home to RI and felt it would be a great opportunity to create something. I stumbled across this forum and just browsing i found out a ton of info. So figured id sign up and see where it went


…and that is how it begins! welcome!


Well reading some posts, i realized sitting around gets nothing done. Action makes things happen. So my journey begins. Researching atm. I move within the month. Where i can then put to use my knowledge…


Hey Babz - welcome


What up Brent ?!? Welcome


No i do not accept your clown welcome. I hate clowns. Ha


What part of RI?


Warwick. But willing to work in almost any part…


Welcome, Brent. You’re in the right place for sure.


Thank you. Yes ive noticed. I have learned more today just reading post then all the research i thought i was doing haha


Oh now you make an appearance… tisk tisk… :grin:


Hello Brent and welcome to the forum!