New tank system



This is the next bump in efficiency that we want to implement. Nice job. How many jobs will ~25 gallons last?


i don’t know yet, i measured the output with two pencil jets and it should last about 60 min. if i wet the window and then pinch the hose for the scrub it should last almost 120 minutes


I had a very similar setup in my last vehicle. It was either 25 or 26 gallons. The way I used it, I could clean the outside of a decent sized house without running out. Larger houses, I had a couple 6 gallon jerry cans I would bring with me to supplement. Very functional, efficient rig.

I installed the (oversized) deep cycle marine battery in the place of my car battery, and just ran the pump off the accessory circuit. Worked really well; I do enough driving that the alternator kept it charged and I never ran it down. I still have it setup this way, actually. Only difference is I bumped up to a 40 gallon tank.


Get a pump control and you will extend the life of your battery and pump and use less water.


First use today, cleaned 25 solar panels and used 18 gallons.


That is great. Especially if the panels were bad off. You can use less water with a pump control. You will find a tank based system is much more efficient and cuts set up time.


Great set up. Once you start using it regularly you will find even more ways to be more efficient.

I agree with John about getting a flow controller for your pump. It calibrates with your pump so you will always have the same amount of pressure without burning out your pump. You can also increase and decrease your flow precisely without having to fiddle with a ball valve.

Also, think about upgrading to a 50 gallon tank. It will not take up much more floor space than your 25 gallon. Of course it will weigh more but your vehicle should be able to handle it. It would be the same as having 2 big guys sitting in your backseat.


i intend to once we purchase a large van


I think you can go even bigger with a van. I have a 50 gallon , an it a good size , but I do run out once in a while. Ran out today.
Not a big deal if you jus think of it as a break. 50 keeps you going for a good 2 hours of cleaning.