NEW Snapper Handle from Moerman



Great video Peter!

People seem to really like the new handle. We just got a new supply of them in, they have been going quick -


It looks like another version of the ninja handle. Looks really good and comfy. And as long as it’s easy to get your finger in there to release it’s all good. That’s one of the reasons I HATE the contour pro+ handle by ettore, I need a freakin screw driver to unlatch it.

But dangit, why oh why did they have to call it the snapper? Every single time I heard the word “snapper” I think of Weird Al’s Wheel Of Fish… “Ooooh, red snapper! Very tasty.” I know, I know, I’m just jacked… (see what I did there?)



…but the Red-Snapper-Handle works only with fish-soap


Oh! They should totally market that to FISH! That would be awesome.


Thanks pal!! Yeah they are very cool handles. :sunglasses: