NEW - Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Cleaning Detergent


New from Moerman! Check out the highly anticipated Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Soap!

Expected to be in stock next month!


This highly concentrated soap will be applied directly to the sleeve rather than into the bucket. Simply dunk your mop and apply three measured doses via the unique cap. The bottle is designed to fit perfectly into the Moerman Side Kit. It also features a non-drip nozzle, pleasant scent and great glide!

Some more information at the blog: Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Cleaning Detergent Blog Post

Tradman also did a great review on it:


Really nice solution to use


I’m looking forward to trying it out.


Let me know what you think after you try it :wink:


How’s it taste?


It tastes great…today I took a shower, brushed my teeth and shaved my beard with only two drops😂


Looks minty.

But you have to put the soap DIRECTLY on your beard!


You really don’t need much of that detergent. I think I cleand today ( first day to try it) about 2 h with 6 drops. I wetted the Fliq again and again without to soap it . I personally like it very much…and my wife loves the smell. My first impression is that it is a very good detergent…the glide is also awesome. I hope that the 5 liter refill won’t be that expensive like the bottles now, cause I definitely want to use it in future. My experience is that customers love it when WC have special detergents and not something what they can also easily buy in a shop.


But even with an old used 6 inch scraper my beard nearly disapperad by itself


I want.


I’ve been hoping WCR would get this soap as I’ve watched @PolznBladz and @trad-man using!


is it available in USA yet?


Has anybody else tried this detergant? What do you think about it?


It would need to be remarkably better than dawn or whatever dish soap (or washing up liquid as they say across the pond) you prefer to justify that price. Not that $12 dollars plus shipping is going to break anyone’s bank, but is it really going to be a difference maker? Even Polzn Bladz seems to be indifferent about this stuff.


It’s a bit too pricey for sure. It’s a great detergent but unless the price comes down a bit then i think people may just carry on with dish soap


Hey Trad-Man you must understand, now they have to pay Jack (Moerman). It’s not possible to sell it cheaper.


whats the big difference between it and dish soap


The taste.


do you get blue bubbles when you get gas from it?


Yeah damn jack , making it expensive :joy: